Friday, 28 April 2017

No More

This week Paige was officially discharged from speech therapy. No more!

We went to a one on one session on Tuesday and after another assessment they said that she is doing perfectly with her speech. She is on track with where they would expect her to be for her age and is actually ahead with some sounds that they wouldn't expect to be there until 6 years old. 

Her connective speech can still sometimes be a little confused and the sounds don't quite come out right but they said that for her age that isn't a problem. She can pronounce the sounds in singular words so her connective speech should follow suit pretty quickly. They did mention that if her connective speech got worse or didn't improve within a year then to phone them and they will see her again. 

I am so proud of how she can come along, loads of people have noticed and have mentioned to me how clear she is becoming and how they can understand a lot of what she says now. Her teachers have also mentioned how well she is doing too.

I hope that she continues to get more and more confident with her speech. I am really impressed with how well she has done in such a short amount of time. She's done so well.

Nicola Xx

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Mummy and Me - April 2017

April has flown by at such an alarming rate. I can't believe that our big girl is 5 next month! 

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

Friday, 21 April 2017

Review - Babymel Childrens Backpacks

Babymel may be a brand that you are already familiar with, they have a lovely range of changing bags but did you know they also do children's bags too?

Paige and Parker were recently sent a bag each from their range. Parker picked the Dino Multi print and Paige picked the Pink Colour Block. The bags are really bright and colourful and aimed at 3 years plus. Parker isn't three until June so his bag is a little big for him but something that will last him and something that he can grow into. 

Both bags are very similar in shape and design, the patterns are just different. Both have side bottle pockets, padded adjustable straps and a chest strap. Having adjustable straps means that they can grow with your child making them last longer and better value for money. They both have smaller insulated front pockets and a large main pocket with a Velcro internal pocket. They are more than big enough for school bags or to take on a day trip.

Ours don't take packed lunches to school/nursery so mainly use their bags for day trips or when we go away. We recently took them on a day trip to my mums and they were perfect. They each had their water bottle in the side pocket, a change of clothes in the main pocket and some toys, along with a snack in the insulated front pocket. They both had them in the car and loved the independence of getting their own things for themselves out  of their bag.

The bags also come with a Zip or Zoe keyring. Both Paige and Parker love their keyrings and I think they make a cute little addition to the bags.

As you can see Parkers choice is very fun and colourful whereas Paige's bag is a little more muted, because hers is a lighter colour is does get dirtier quicker than Parkers which is to be expected but the bag is machine washable on a cold wash.

Overall the kids love their bags and can't wait to take them on our next adventure.

Which is your favourite Babymel design?

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent the above items for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are our own*

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Harleigh - 5 Months Old

How is my little baby getting so big?! She is growing up far too quickly. I'm not sure on weight but she is still in 3-6m clothes and size 3 nappies.

At 18 weeks so rolled over from belly to back. She tries so hard to go back to belly but just hasn't managed yet. She loves sleeping on her side so when she can roll to her belly i think she might start sleeping on her belly. She is now in her own room for naps and at night time. She has three naps a day for between 1-3 hours. We gave her a dummy and it helped with nap time so much. She used to rely on us to rock her to sleep but now settled herself sometimes with her dummy and sometimes without. Her night time sleep isn't too good. She is usually up twice a night but most times its three, the worst night was seven!

She is really loving toys. She got a jumperoo this month and loves it. She is also grabbing everything and never  misses anymore. This also includes hair, i forgot how much babies love to grab hair! 

She is learning to sit and can do 10-15 seconds on her own. She does get distracted by her feet though and loses balance. She is obsessed with feet. At 3 months it was hands and now we are onto feet.

Harleigh also loves Millie. She will follow her around the room and even stroke her, Millie just stands there and lets her. It is so cute. 

She is such a happy, smiley baby. We are so blessed. If we could nail night time sleeping she would be perfect, haha. 

She is starting to teeth quite badly, we've had red cheeks, loads of dribbling, chewing n everything in sight but no teeth as of yet. Parker got his at 5.5 months and Paige was a lot later so i'm interested to see when Harleigh gets hers. 

I'm just not ready to see her grow up. Next month she will be half a year old, then will be crawling and walking. Why can't they stay little forever?

Nicola Xx

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