Thursday, 23 June 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Parker

I can't believe this day is finally here.

Happy 2nd birthday Chops!

We love you so much! Xx

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Almost TWO

I can't believe that tomorrow you will two. The past two years have flown by so quickly. It some ways you seem so much bigger than one already. But for you to be officially two is crazy. I feel like you were born the other month.

You fitted into the family perfectly. Nothing was ever a struggle.... Apart from sleep. You weren't a big fan for the first year of your life. It's like you've always being apart of our family and we couldn't imagine it any other way.

You are harder work than your sister. You have some pretty awesome tantrums and know your mind. But that's what makes you! We wouldn't change you for the world.

You are so sweet, so loving and caring. You will randomly give us kisses and hugs. You lift up my top to kiss the baby and rub my belly. You love animals and adore Millie. Most of all you love your big sister so much.

She is so excited for your birthday, I don't think you really understand until the morning.

You seem so grown up and I know that in the following months you will seem even more grown up once your little sister arrives. I'm so excited to see you with her. She is so lucky to have a big brother like you.

Have a lovely day tomorrow, my precious baby boy.

Mummy Xx

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

17 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

This week baby is about the size of your palm, 5 inches or so. Body fat is forming. Baby's heart rate is now regulated by the brain and is usually between 140-150 beats per minute. Baby is practising sucking and swallowing.

This week I've really noticed an increase in my hunger. So I'm trying to pick healthy snacks. This week one set of my tablets were due to run out, my doctor wanted me to try and go without them. I decide to try a few days before they ran out, that way if I couldn't manage then I had some left to take and could get some more from the doctors. I managed 24 hours without tablets and it was horrible. I thankfully wasn't sick but the whole day was a struggle. I've now stopped taking one set of tablets but I am still on one lot. I just can't manage without them completely yet. So now I'm back to taking three of my weaker tablets a day. My nausea is still pretty bad but I am doing ok. Sleep isn't really happening thanks to Paige and Parker so the tiredness isn't helping my sickness at all. My heartburn is also quite regular now.

Waist - Still 28 inch. Belly button measurement is 31 and a quarter. I felt like I've grown a lot but I haven't at all.
Weight - Scales still aren't working but I officially cant button my pre pregnancy jeans. Maternity jeans are still far too big though.

Nicola Xx

Monday, 20 June 2016

Early Gender Scan - 16 Weeks

About three weeks ago we booked an early gender scan. I was desperate to find out even though I had such a strong feeling. But could I be right?!

On Saturday morning we all left the house and went to the scan. We went to miracle inside in Leeds. We had a little drive and arrived after about half an hour. We were shown into a waiting room and filled out a form. There were loads of toys for the kids to play with so they were happy. Then we were called through.

The scanning room was lovely. Lots of seats for guests and a massive television where the scan came up for the guests. I laid on the bed and the scan begun after the cold jelly was applied to my belly.

I was so nervous. I hadn't had a scan since 9 weeks. I knew the baby was ok because I'm feeling lots of movement but seeing the baby was completely different. As soon as she placed the probe on my belly the baby came up and there was the most wonderful view.... The flicking heartbeat. We got to listen to the heartbeat too. So, so lovely after my disappointing 16 week midwife appointment. The heart rate was 150bpm. I also can't believe how much they grow within 7 weeks.

She let us watch the baby moving around while she looked around. We saw baby sucking her thumb, waving and stretching her legs. It was lovely. Parker didn't really understand but Paige loved it.

The lady said everything looked great. The heartbeat was perfect, fluid level was great and I have a posteria placenta, funny because with both Paige and Parker I had anterior placentas.

I could see the lady looking around for the gender and thought I saw the classic 3 white lines for a girl and I did!! The lady then announced that it was a girl. We are all so excited, Paige wanted a baby sister so badly.

This was the first ever private scan we've had and I would recommend it 100%. I'm really hoping that we can have a 3D/4d one in the third trimester as I would love to get some cute pictures of baby girls face. We also got a £10 voucher for a future visit.

We did get a little peak at 3D/4d this time and it was so amazing what you could see. Obviously at 16 weeks baby is still really skinny so didn't look super cute but it was still amazing. She looked to have big lips like her mummy, haha.

We received two black and white pictures, a cd rom with 14 pictures on and paid £10 extra for a dvd.

Now I'm just hoping that baby is still a girl at our 20 week scan!! They can't 100% guarantee the gender for obvious reason but if they are found to be wrong they do let you go back and be rescanned which is good.

Either way I am so excited to see our baby again at our 20 week scan which is only a few week away.

Have you ever had an early gender scan?

Nicola Xx
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