Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Harleigh - 10 Months Old

How is my tiny baby two months away from turning 1! Time is flying by so quickly and I am hating it. Harleigh seems so big now and will be a toddler before I know it. 

She is still crawling and has got some speed on her now. She is pulling up but for the most part just gets onto her knees when she is using the sofa, if she pulls up on something lower she will get to her feet. She still isn't interested in cruising or walking at all. She has walked twice whilst holding our hands but refuses to do it again. I do love that she is taking her time, both Paige and Parker had already taken their first steps by now and Paige was walking 60% of the time. 

We still have no new teeth but her top four are very close to coming through, you can see them there waiting to pop through. She is having 2/3 meals a day and still her 4 bottles, she has dropped the amount a little though and will have a 7oz in the morning, then two 5oz bottles and then an 8oz before bed.

We still haven't had any first words, she is quite a quiet baby but will babble a little or shout. Its very cute when she decides to be a little chatty box.

Her sleep is a little all over the place. She will wake once a night for the most part and stay awake for 1-1.5 hours. She is still having two naps.

Nicola Xx

Monday, 18 September 2017

The Kids Are Back at School – Now What?

Summer is over and the kids are back to school, where did those six weeks go? Before we know it, though, October half-term will be upon us and then, after that, Christmas!

It is, of course, nice to have some peace and quiet for a few hours while the kids are at school but, after a while, you become bored and eager to plan the next adventure. Whether it’s a weekend away, making use of the October half-term or you dare to start thinking about Christmas, there is a lot that you can do.

Weekends with the Kids

With the weather drastically deteriorating (goodbye, sun, it was fun while it lasted), any trips are likely to revolve around staying inside. That’s okay, though, because there is still plenty to do at the weekend.

For instance, the coming months will see a number of family-friendly movies hit the cinemas. Some of the titles to watch out for are:

· The Jungle Bunch (released 15th September)
· The Lego Ninjago Movie (released 22nd September)
· My Little Pony: The Movie (released 6th October)
· Thor: Ragnarok (released 3rd November)
· The Star (released 10th November)
· Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (released 22nd November)

If, however, sitting still for a couple of hours aren’t something that you feel your little ones will cope well with, plan an action-packed day or two. In Nottingham, the National Ice Centre provides family fun on the ice and, if you are lucky, you could tie this in with seeing an event at the Motorpoint Arena which is housed in the facility.

October Half-Term

Depending on where in the UK you are, term dates will vary, although most schools will be closed between 23rd and 27th October. Some families may opt to book a last minute holiday abroad to get away from the wet weather, while this simply is not an option for many families due to the inflated prices during the school holidays.

That is not to say that families with children cannot go away anywhere during half-term, as there is plenty of option right here in the UK. It is worth looking for late deals with city-based hotels, even if they may be most known for business accommodation. You may be able to find a great deal in a great location, close to local attractions where you can take the kids.

If, like many mums and dads, you plan on saving the pennies for an extra lavish Christmas, it is all about making your own fun. Encourage your children to invite their friends round, or set up a playdate, and take part in fun activities around the house.

Planning for Christmas

How can we already be thinking about Christmas? It doesn’t seem five minutes since the last one, but it’s true, Santa’s elves have nearly finished 2017’s order ready for delivery.

Christmas shopping is never easy, and it’s only made even more difficult by having the kids at home. However, this is the time when retailers will put on massive offers as we start to enter the Christmas rush, and it’s a good time to ask what the kids want this year. 

Young children are likely to change their mind from one day to the next, while older kids will have a more well-thought idea of what they want Santa to bring them. After all, once Halloween and Bonfire Night are out of the way, we are well and truly on the final straight to Christmas, so make sure you have your lists ready for Father Christmas!

Still unsure of what to do now the kids are back at school? We didn’t think so.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Siblings - September 2017

I am so sad that the summer holidays are over with. I loved having them all at home, don't get me wrong at times it was madness but overall we had a lovely time and I miss it.

Paige started back at school last week and Parker starts nursery next week. Paige is loving school but Parker and Harleigh are missing her as much as I am. Parker is so excited to start nursery, he will go every morning this time instead of three mornings which he did before. 

I am excited to get some one on one time with Harleigh after not having much time together the past 7 weeks. She is almost 10 months old and the thought of her turning one makes me want to cry! She is doing so well though and having her brother and sister at home with her has brought her on so much.

The kids all loved the summer holidays and spending so much time together but I think they were ready for school to start and the routine and structure that brings. I think I was too as I missed that after a while.

I still can't believe we made these three babies of ours, they are so cute!

Nicola Xx
The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Autumn 2017 Wishlist For Harleigh

Autumn/winter is fast approaching and that means the colder weather is coming. Harleigh is currently wearing 6-9 months but some are getting small so I've started shopping for her 9-12 month wardrobe and thought I would share some items that I've fallen in love with. 

First up are these gorgeous Ugg boots. Love The Sales have a great UGG sale and these boots would be adorable for winter, or even a Christmas present. I know she would outgrow them quickly but they would keep her feet lovely and warm on all of those cold school and nursery runs we will be doing. 

I am a sucker for anything with bunnies on for Harleigh, I don't know why but they just remind me of her. I love these tops from Next. Paired with some leggings they would look super cute and keep her really nice and comfy. I could add a cardigan if it was chilly too!

Pink, spotty and with added ruffles just screams cute!! This is from H&M and would look adorable with a long sleeved top underneath. I love putting Harleigh in little jumpsuit/long legged rompers. They look so comfy.

Parker would just love Harleigh to wear this outfit from Matalan. He is superhero obsessed at the minute plus him and Paige already have batman/batgirl tops so now Harleigh could match. 

I'm still on the hunt for a cute autumn/winter hat for Harleigh if you see anything cute let me know!

Nicola Xx
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