Wednesday, 24 August 2016

B2S Coats from House Of Fraser

With back to school right around the corner Paige needed a new coat to go with her new school uniform. Her last one is now too small and the Autumn weather will soon be setting in so she needs a little more than a light summer jacket.

We found this gorgeous Joules coat from House Of Fraser and fell in love. They have a lovely range of B2S coats & jackets.

I ordered Paige the age five and I think it fits her really well. She still has a little growing room left which hopefully means it will last through Autumn and Winter. The coat itself is gorgeous and really lovely quality. It is quilted and has a hood which I think is an essential for a school coat. Its also machine washable which is great, we all know how messy children can get.

Like I mentioned before there is a hood. It is a lovely size. The flower print inside is gorgeous but not over powering, if your little girl isn't particularly girly but it is a lovely touch.

One of my favourite things about the coat is the rose gold details. They are so pretty and add a really girly touch. There is also the Joules signature rabbit. I love that its really a small detail and not in your face. The pink looks lovely against the blue of the coat too.

The sleeves are cuffed at the end which means they stay where they are meant to, I also think they help keep the warmth in a little bit more too. The pockets are great and don't have zips or poppers, which means easy access. for younger children.

Both me and Paige both love the coat. She looks grown up and I think it will be perfect for when she starts reception in September.

Have you found your little one a back to school coat yet?

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent this coat for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

26 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

This week baby girl is around 1.75lbs to 2lbs. The brain and lungs are much more developed. She can detect light and dark and can hear outside noises. Her eyes also begin to open this week.

I feel like nothing much had changed this week. My skin is still crap. I'm still having pelvic and back pain. My hair seems really flat and life less but isn't getting greasy quickly which is nice. I'm still experiencing nausea a lot but not 24/7 which is a nice little break.

Baby girl is still moving up a storm and wiggling all the time. Every time I sit down or stop moving she goes crazy.

I am so close to the third trimester. I still  can't believe how quickly it is going. We still have loads to buy! I need to start soon.

Waist - 28.5 inch, so half an inch less than last week.
Belly - 34 inch, so half an inch bigger than last week.

Nicola Xx

Monday, 22 August 2016

Introducing New Pampers Baby- Dry!

Did you know that babies spend around half their time asleep? Those precious hours aren’t just important for their mood, but they also have a positive impact on their development, too! Which is why I am so excited that Pampers are launching a brand new innovation and upgrade to UK parents’ #1 nappy choice: introducing 3 Absorbing Channels! New Pampers Baby-Dry feature a revolutionary nappy design with 3 Absorbing Channels and unique Micro Pearls™ that distribute wetness more evenly and lock it away for up to 12 hours. With less wet bulk in the morning, so your LO can wake up smiling! And, UK parents agree: 

New Pampers Baby-Dry has been recommended by 88% of UK parents *

New Pampers Baby-Dry are also been BritMums Bloggers Approved, Mumsnet Rated, Mother & Baby Tried and Tested and 90% of Netmums mums would recommend New Pampers Baby-Dry.

With New Pampers Baby-Dry working as hard as possible, you’re LO can say goodbye to wet bulky nappy and hello to a dry night’s sleep.

To celebrate the launch of New Pampers Baby-Dry, Pampers are working with baby sleep expert Jo Tantum - who is a member of the Pampers Love, Sleep & Play panel and has 25 years’ experience helping hundreds of families to achieve a peaceful night’s sleep! Jo has identified 5 sleep typologies that may help you to understand your baby’s sleep habits and needs better - so, is your little one a Starfish, Skylark, Sloth, Owl or Meerkat sleeper? Take a look and let me know using #PampersBabyDry! 

* This is when your baby sleeps in the same position, on their back with legs and arms out. They also wake up often and regularly, but they don’t go back to sleep easily after you intervene with a sleep prop – which they need to get to sleep!
Jo’s Tip – A muslin square, knotted in the middle. Tuck it down your top before giving it to baby so it smells of you and comforts them. Also, try and teach your baby to fall asleep on their own gently. Start in the day, at nap times, watching for tired signs, then settle them for a sleep in their room.


* These are the babies that wake up early in the morning, singing and shouting, and refuse to go back to sleep whatever you try!
Jo’s Tip – Wave sounds. This can be a sleep App or sound machine. Keep it on continually while baby is asleep, so when they come into a light sleep phase it soothes them back to sleep. Total blackout is also key – remember that babies can’t tell the time! They don’t know it’s 5am! If your baby wakes up early, try and respond to them as though it’s still night, rather than creating a habit of early waking. 


* These little ones love sleep and can sleep anywhere and everywhere - lucky you! But what happens when they wake up? You will know it’s going to be for a growth or developmental spurt or they are teething or not well.
Jo’s Tip – Increase feeding time by 5 minutes, if breast feeding and by 30ml if bottle feeding. If your baby is close to 6 months old, they may need weaning. 


* This is when your baby goes to bed late and then wakes up in the night. They’re wide awake for long periods and can’t get back to sleep!
Jo’s Tip – A Sleep Fest! Allow your baby to sleep for 3 hours during the day to reset their internal clock. Babies need lots of sleep and it’s a myth that if you don’t give them naps, they will be so tired that they’ll sleep through the night. 


* They stand up, move around trying to get comfortable all night and they don’t want to sleep. They’re late to bed and early to rise. 
Jo’s Tip – Wind Down Time. Try bath-story-feed to establish a calming bedtime routine. Your baby is overtired and so they will thrash around trying to get comfortable just like we do. They will have lots of energy around bedtime and early in the morning, as their bodies and minds are overstimulated. 

 If you’d like to try New Pampers Baby-Dry, you can visit to claim your free sample. 

*based on a survey of 790 UK Parents, given the samples in May 2016

This post is sponsored by Pampers. 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt Review

Pregnancy can really take its toll on you and your body. It can be hard on your chest, back, hips and stomach. Basically everywhere. For those 9 precious months your body goes through so many changes in such a small space of time.

Once your bump starts growing it can be helpful to wear a support belt. Your growing bump can add pressure to your back, shift your balance and just generally put added pressure on your body.

I was recently sent the Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt to try out. I will admit that in my first two pregnancies I never used a support belt of any type. I honestly didn't feel the need. This time around my stomach muscles aren't what they used to be. My body is stretching out for the third time and sometimes a little support can do wonders.

Right now I am in the last few weeks of the second trimester and my bump is growing bigger daily. I feel like as I get bigger I may want/need some additional support, especially while running around after a 4 and 2 year old. My back is already feeling the added pressure.

One thing I love about the Cantaloop Pregnancy support belt is that you can't tell when you're wearing it. In the above picture you would never guess that I was wearing anything but my regular clothes. I love that you can hide it underneath your clothes. It is discreet but provides wonderful support.

The belt itself is very comfortable. You might not want to wear it if the weather was really hot as pregnancy women tend to get really hot anyway but in England we don't really have to worry about the heat that much. It has in-woven support with smooth sides for that added support. It goes underneath your bump and then around your back to help support where you need it most.

The belt is also stretchy so will grow with your bump. It is available in a few different sizes so there will be a perfect one for you. I'm wearing the small and still have plenty of growing room left. I can't wait to try it out in the third trimester!

Have you tried a pregnancy support band/belt?

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent the Cantaloop pregnancy support belt for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

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