Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Review - G Tech AirRam K9

We have three children and a cat. Our house gets very messy, very quickly! To deal with the mess we need a vacuum that can keep up. 

We've recently tried out the G Tech AirRam K9. The G Tech AirRam K9 is suitable for all pets and gives you high performance cleaning without a cord, perfect to quickly pull out and clean up any mess. It is strengthened by aluminium components to resist wear and tear caused by pet hair. Pet odours can also make ordinary vacuum cleaners smell, the AirRam K9 has refillable floral scented tabs that slot into the filter and deliver a clean scent every time you hoover. I love the scent feature and Mark even commented on the smell. Its lovely to have the scent left over after you've used the vacuum. 

As the AirRam K9 has no cord you can easily clean all around your home without a snagging cord and no need to unplug every time you change rooms. It can also change from carpet to hard floors without any need for a setting change making it quicker to use. It weighs just 3.5kg and is super portable, i know i hate carrying heavy vacuums up and down the stairs. The size and compactness is one of the main things i love about the AirRam K9. It is easy to store and great to bring out to clean up messes throughout the day, which very often happens with three children and a pet. It is also very easy to adjust the handle, simply press the black button and the handle is made bigger.

The power comes from a 22V Lithium-ion battery that is surprisingly quiet and powerful. After a 4-hour charge you can clean for up to 40 minutes. A 1-hour charge gives you a short burst of additional run time. When i first learnt the times i thought i would be charging the battery really often but i find that just charging once a week i can use the vacuum every day for some quick cleaning then once a week for a more thorough clean. You can easily see how much power is left but a 4-stage LED display. The battery can be charged while still in the vacuum or can be taken out.

The AirRam K9 is really easy to empty. The dirt is compressed into a capsule in the head of the vacuum. You simply pop the compartment out, open it and the dirt falls into the bin, you then slide the ejector arm to clear out the remaining dirt.

The vacuum also has a light on the front which is handy for seeing the dirt before you hoover it up. A great little feature that is useful for under beds/tables. 

Overall we love the G Tech AirRam K9, it worked really well and does the job well, it copes well with pet hair and any mess that the children make. It is a little tricky to get into corners and edges as there isn't a nozzle but I love how lightweight and compact it is. 

Have you tried a cordless vacuum?

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent the item above for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

Monday, 20 March 2017

Speech Therapy Update

As some of may remember at the end of last year I took Paige to have an assessment for her speech. After the assessment they said that Paige had 6/7 issues with her speech and she was then referred for group sessions. 

We had to wait a few months but at the beginning of march she started those sessions. She did 45 minutes every Thursday. 

The sessions went really well. There were 4 other children in the group and Paige was the only girl. They were all aged 4 but some had just turned 4 and others close to turning 5. Since the first assessment we've noticed just how much Paige's speech has come on by itself, mainly because of school and her learning phonics but there is still room for improvement. 

I was very curious as to what the group sessions would involved. Basically they just played games which all related to different sounds. They concentrated on the "c" "f" "g" "s" "t" sounds. The games were really fun and involved flash cards and toys to keep the children interested. 

Paige was really quite shy at first but began to warm up as time went on. 

We are now on a waiting list for some one on one sessions. The speech therapist said that she thinks Paige will only need a few one on one sessions and will then be where she should be at for her age. 

I am so proud of how well she is coming on.

Has your child ever had speech therapy?

Nicola Xx

Friday, 17 March 2017

4 Months Postpartum - Baby #3

Four months since having Harleigh and I'm feeling pretty good. Tired but her sleep is very up and down and has been for a month. I'm hoping it improves again soon as she was doing so well. 

I stopped working out because I was just running myself into the ground trying to workout every day plus keep everything else running smoothly while still getting up a lot during the night. I really miss working out and hope I can start again soon. I had some great results. 

I'm still about 6lbs from my pre pregnancy weight and my waist is 1.5inches bigger still but I fit into all my pre pregnancy clothes. I am finding it so hard to lose the weight this time, just like I did with Paige. It's so strange as with Parker it fell off. I remember with Paige I didn't fit into pre pregnancy clothes until 5/6 months postpartum so I'm already doing better as this time it was 3 months. I'm quite happy with where my body is to say I'm not working out and I'm not exactly eating clean. One thing I have noticed is my cravings for bad thing is going away as I am eating better. I eat well 70/80% of the time but let myself have a treat whenever I fancy it because life is too short. 

My skin is a bit up and down but my nails are stronger again. My hair is also still falling out. I'm pretty much back to normal but would like to lose another 2lbs and tone up.

How did you feel at 4 months postpartum?

Nicola Xx

Thursday, 16 March 2017

How Bad Lighting Might be Ruining Your Room

A lesser considered element of the ambience of any given room, the lighting can greatly improve or completely ruin the vibe. You may have gone into rooms and sensed that something was a bit off, odds are, you were having a reaction to bad lighting. Although the effects aren't always immediately noticeable, bad lighting could be totally ruining your room.

The following is a short look at the many ways in which your lighting could be having this effect.

Small and Stuffy

First and foremost, if good lighting can open a room up and make it appear bigger, then terrible lighting can do just the opposite. Indeed, depending on what type of lighting you select for your room, your room could appear much bigger or much smaller than it actually is. Assuming, like most people, that you prefer a room appear larger than smaller, then you better take some extra special time with regards to selecting the lighting for your room. In particular, pendant lighting, and lighting hung a bit higher tends to make a room appear larger than it is.

Productivity Issues

In addition to that, if you have a difficult time focusing and getting to work, your lighting might be the culprit. In other words, bad lighting can cause a host of issues that counteract productivity. For instance, bad lighting can make it more difficult to read and view things, causing strain on the eyes, headaches, and more. Moreover, bad lighting can also be detrimental to the mood. Rather than making you feel energetic, bad lighting can leave you feeling exhausted and lethargic.

Colour Scheme Troubles

The last way bad lighting can ruin your room is by literally changing the way the colours appear. Although it might sound like some sort of magic trick, the lighting you choose can make the colours in your room pop, fade, appear brighter, or more faded, as well as an array of other things. On the one hand, by selecting a more universal lighting choice such as halogen lighting, pretty much all the colours in your room will appear more vibrant.

On the flip side, by selecting a lighting type such as fluorescent lighting, colours such as blue and green will appear more refined. Moreover, by selecting incandescent lighting, the oranges and reds in your room will appear more prominent. No matter which lighting type you choose, be sure it goes great with the colours in the room, or you will likely end up spending more money later to correct the issue.

How to Fix Lighting Problems

For the DIY types, there are plenty of ways to fix your lighting. However, the methods vary from situation to situation. For instance, you may need to buy more or fewer lights, you may need to hand your lights higher or lower, you may need to try a different type of bulb or any combination of these things. Start by looking at a range of fittings like those offered by Abbey Gate Lighting and find the lighting that best suits the most prized elements of the room.

For those who don't like to DIY and need a bit of help with regards to this matter, there are tonnes of interior designers, and also those who specialise in lighting specifically that can help you out. Simply conduct a search and find a reputable company you can trust.

*Guest Post*
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