Monday, 18 July 2011

TAG - Whats in my makeup bag?

I love reading these tag posts and also love watching them on YouTube :)
So i thought i would write my own.

So this is my makeup bag. Pink, glittery and girly just like me. It does get a little bit annoying when i find bits of glitter everywhere but i love it too much to get another. I can't remember where it was from but i know it wasn't expensive. 

This is the contents of my makeup bag :) I have a foundation brush, blusher brush, Natural Collection Loose Powder in Warm Translucent, Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 103 True Ivory, 17 Miami Pop Bronzer, MUA blusher in shade 2, Maybelline the Falsies Mascara in Black, MUA Eye Shadow in shade 16, a Primark eyelash curler, Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch Concealer in 2 Natural, Natural Collection concealer in Medium and finally an MUA Lip Gloss in shade 2. 

This is a look at some of the products for you. First is the MUA Lip Gloss which i think is such a pretty colour, next is the MUA Blusher which again is a really pretty colour and lastly the MUA Eye Shadow. The best thing about these products is that they are just £1 each!! 

I'm a pretty simple girl when it come to everyday makeup so i don't really use that many products on a day to day basis. 

Thanks for reading and if you want any reviews on any of these products just let me know :)

Nicola xx


  1. I love reading these posts too, they give me ideas for makeup items I have never used. Like this gorgeous looking MUA lipgloss!

  2. :D Hoped it helped a little. I am pretty boring with my make up... need to be a little more adventurous! It really is gorgeous and great value for money :D

    Nicola xx


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