Friday, 6 January 2012

15-20 Weeks Pregnant

This post again will be a little recap and then I will start doing weekly posts as each week of pregnancy passes!

During weeks 15-20 I felt great!! My morning sickness near enough gone, I was starting to look pregnant and everyone knew :D I did still feel a little tired and had a stuffy nose but all in all I didn't care.

At 16 weeks I felt the baby move for the first time! It felt like little bubbles popping inside my belly. At first I wasn't sure what it was, as I had never experienced it before but as it happened more and more I knew it had to be the baby.

At 17 and 18 weeks I felt even more movement and my belly button started to pop. I felt like I wanted to eat everything in sight and probably did!!

19 weeks was very special as this is when we had our second scan and found out we were expecting a little girl! But more about this in a separate post as I want to go into detail as it was such an amazing and emotional experience. I also felt the baby kick for the time. Mark was very excited as the baby would soon be big enough for him to feel from the outside :D I also took the plunge and got some maternity tops as mine were getting too small.

Week 20 was such a busy week as it included Christmas. I was now feeling the baby move daily but still had to be still and concentrate as she was still small. Mark also got to see my belly move as she kicked me. It was such little movement that he blinked the first time it happened and missed the whole thing, lol!

Do you remember the first time you felt your baby kick?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


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