Monday, 9 January 2012

20 Weeks Scan

For my 20 week scan I was actually 19 weeks 4 days but we will forget about that as it doesn't really matter.

For this scan I was determined to not have such a full bladder so I could enjoy it more than my 12 week scan. I did well but still really needed to empty my bladder as soon as we got to the hospital, I let myself go to the toilet and then drank loads while we were waiting to have the scan and this seemed to work.

The scan lasted around 20-30 minutes and during that time we got to see everything. Her head, eyes, nose and lips (which totally looked like mine!) Her arms, legs, stomach, kidneys, spine and heart. The scan was in so much detail we could see each of the four chambers of her heart! It was amazing! We also found out the gender as she gave us a nice clear shot of between her legs. Mark said as soon as we found out we were expecting that she was a girl. He was so confident he actually bought a dress when I was 7  weeks!! She was moving and wriggling around a lot and the lady said that she was a right poser as she had both her hands up near her face. 

19 Weeks 4 Days
We also saw her cord and the placenta. I have an anterior placenta which the lady said wasn't a problem and not to worry. It could mean I didn't feel as much movement but so far so good. She measured exactly where she should be and all was perfect!

I cried the whole way through the scan as it was so emotional to actually see all her features and that she looked like a real baby! 

I really hope that we can pay for 3D/4D scan but they are quite expensive so i'm not sure we will be getting one yet but I would love to have one around 30/32 weeks! With even more detail i'd probably be an emotional wreck so maybe it's not a good idea, lol!

Have you had a 3D/4D scan? Was it worth it?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. OMG, I just saw you are pregnant! Many congrats doll! And I'm sure Millie will love and protect the baby girl!

  2. Thank you!! I'm sure she will be the best big sister :D lol!!

  3. Awww Nic making me broody! My brother in law to be paid for the 3D scan of my nephew Tris and it is so worth it! I would deffo go for it!

  4. Awww, I hope we can have one but i'm not too worried if not! It might be nice to save the surprise of what she looks like for the birth :D

  5. My placenta is anterior too. Which explains why I don't always feel all the movements. It was quite surreal seeing our little girl moving about on the screen, but I hardly felt a thing!

    Huge congrats :)

    1. I read everywhere that it might mean that you don't feel movements as much but i've always felt baby girl quite a lot and now she doesn't stop moving!! Thank you :D


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