Tuesday, 31 January 2012

24 Weeks Pregnant

The one word that sums up this week has to be HEARTBURN! Having never had heartburn before it was quite a shock and I wasn't expecting it at all. I ended up marching down to the doctors as the heartburn was that bad it made me sick! And needless to say I didn't want to experience that after every meal again *horrible first trimester flashbacks*

Baby girl is getting stronger by the day and so are her kicks :D I have actually managed to record some of her kicks this week and I could sit and watch my belly wiggle all day.

A little more progress came on the nursery this week... we have picked out a cute and girly colour theme with matching wallpaper and ordered our nursery furniture!! All very exciting and things are starting to come together ( if slower than I want) I know we still have plenty of time but the weeks are flying by!

Touching on my last post about old wives tales... did you suffer from bad heartburn and have a baby with a full head of hair?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Oh God, I feel your pain. I have had hideous heartburn recently. So bad, it keeps me awake at night :(

    Hope you're settles down soon. I am dead excited too. We have started buying bits and pieces and it makes it all seem a little more real, if that makes sense!

    I also agree that the weeks are flying by! Our babies will be here before we know it!!

    As for the old wives tale - I had heartburn with all 3 of my babies (+ this one) and none of them have has *that* much hair!

    1. Thankfully the doctor gave me something to help so it isn't half as bad as it was.

      It's so exciting buying little baby clothes :D

      I would love baby girl to have hair when she is born, I had loads when I was born so we will have to see!



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