Saturday, 11 February 2012

26 Weeks Pregnant

Not a lot has happened this week. To be honest I've felt a little down and fed up all week, not sure why. Maybe it's because I feel like we have so much left to do and the weeks are still flying by.

My symptoms this week are still heartburn and my itching stomach, I don't think they will go away to be honest. Gaviscon and moisturizer are helping which is good.

Baby girl's movements are getting so much bigger and stronger. I actually grabbed her foot this week which was pretty cool if a little strange. At this moment it actually dawned on me that there is a little person inside my belly, made it feel very real!

I am finding it quite annoying that I can't do as much as i'm getting bigger. Picking things up off the floor is getting harder as is sitting down/standing up for long periods of time as my back starts to hurt.

But I am still loving every second of this pregnancy even my slightly strange craving for lettuce!!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Looking over my blog, I skipped from 22 weeks to 30 so I'm guessing I was too busy stressing as you are, having not much to report & wondering how I was going to get everything done! Just to let you know - I only bought all of my baby stuff in the last month so from 30+ weeks so you're not alone and it's not as hard or daunting as it seems! This is also when my weight started to rapidly increase also.
    There was a FB status from me that read: "So its 2.40am - Shy has been moving extremely aggressive for about 30 mins and I now need a wee. So on top of having to get out of my warm bed, going all the way upstairs to the cold toilet and not wanting to be awake, my stomachs now decided we're hungry and should eat. . . . I am not amused!" so I guess it could be worse? xx

    1. Awwww thats good to know, thanks hun.

      I'm trying not to stress out too much and just enjoy every second :D Xx


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