Sunday, 19 February 2012

27 Weeks Pregnant

This week was amazing and painful all at the same time. Baby girl now has a pretty good kick and loves to kick me all the time. She is such a wriggler I actually wonder if she sleeps at all. She loves to keep me awake at night and that is when she is most active. Also keeping me awake at night is the fact I can't get comfy. I have a body pillow but can't quite seem to master the art of using it just yet. Tips are much welcomed!! 

This week I also had another midwife appointment. It went really well, everything is perfect and baby girl is measuring spot on! I also had some blood taken so have a lovely bruise on my arm! They need to check my iron levels and for anti bodies in my blood, very routine as you enter your third trimester. I also got a lovely DVD from my midwife. So me and Mark will be watching that soon and I will let you know my thoughts.

I'm just getting very excited to meet her and I can't wait to have everything ready for her :D

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


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