Monday, 20 February 2012

February Sunshine

A fellow mummy to be, Shareen over at A real mummy diary has awarded me a February Sunshine Award :D

All you have to do is answer some fun questions which are bound to bring some sunshine to an otherwise dull February. Then pass it on to continue making people everywhere smile!

Favourite Colour: My favourite colour is PINK! I'd even go as far as wanting to live in a pink house but I don't think Mark would like that very much!

Favourite Animal: This is very hard... I truly do love Giant Panda's and consider them to be my favourite animal but I can't forget about my little Millie Moo :D

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: I'm pretty boring since I got pregnant and all I drink is water. I do let myself have the odd glass of ice cold Cola Cola/Pepsi which I do love! I love it even more if it's flat!

Facebook or Twitter: I wouldn't say I have a favourite. I think they both have good and bad points. Facebook is great for keeping in touch with family and friends. Twitter is good for meeting new people. You can follow me on Twitter @NicolaBear987 :D

Favourite Number: I like the number 5. No idea why it just seems like a nice number.

Favourite day of the week: Saturday!!

My Passion: My family, reading and recently I am loving writing my blog posts. Since becoming pregnant I also love anything to do with pregnancy.

Getting or giving presents: I prefer giving presents but I must admit I'm rubbish at picking presents for people. Mark tells me all the time how I'm the worst present giver ever but I do try my best :D

Favourite Pattern: I like very symmetrical things so would probably love any symmetrical pattern.

Favourite Flower: A rose. Either red or white. I think they are so pretty and delicate. 

I want to be a little different when I pass on this sunshine award and I want to pass it on to anyone reading this who needs a little lift :D

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


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