Saturday, 31 March 2012

33 Weeks Pregnant

This week I've had all my usual symptoms... heartburn and feeling tired. Something different I have noticed this week is that my appetite isn't as good as it has been. I don't really want to eat (I do obviously) and don't really get hungry. Before I used to have to eat every couple of hours to stop me from passing out. I am still trying to snack to keep my energy levels up. Baby girl is still kicking and moving up a storm and really hurts sometimes but I'm just enjoying it as I know I will defiantly miss feeling her move and her sweet little hiccups. 

I also had a midwife appointment this week. My blood pressure was a little low and I was measuring a week behind what I should be but my midwife didn't seem worried. One good thing is that baby girls head is 4/5th engaged. She is getting ready and is making a move in the right direction which is very exciting, if not a little scary! I asked the midwife and she said that it explains the pinching pains I've experienced from last couple of weeks which are still happening but at least I now know what it is and it's a good thing :D I also got to hear baby girls heartbeat again! It really is the best sound in the world! 

We are getting the car seat next week and doing some shopping for the hospital bag just incase she decides to come early. We will then have the basic things we need just in case. We won't have the pram until my due date but figure if she does come early then we won't want to be out and about that much at first anyway. We are having our antenatal class and hospital tour in the next couple of days... a post will be coming up on this next week :D

What did you find useful in your hospital bag? Any tips?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Friday, 30 March 2012

Saturday, 24 March 2012

32 Weeks Pregnant

Does anyone else feel like my pregnancy is flying by? It's going by so quickly and a part of me is grateful as I can't wait to meet baby girl but another part of me is sad that soon I won't be pregnant anymore. I mean don't get me wrong i'm going to love my little girl more than anything in this world and I can't wait to meet her but your only pregnant a few times in your life and right now i'm just trying to soak it all up... even through the harder times.

8 Weeks to go!! Getting more excited/scared as the days go by. This week I have still had a lot of braxton hicks and sometimes they actually get painful. I've also still had that pinching pain I mentioned in last weeks post. I will be asking my midwife at my next appointment if she knows what is could be. It is also getting a lot harder to find comfortable positions to sit/stand/eat and just be comfy in general. Baby girl is getting so big now it does make normal things a little hard to do. Backache is also an issue.... it comes and goes and Mark is very kind that he does give me the occasional massage which I am very grateful for :D I am still having the heartburn and feeling sick if I don't eat every couple of hours. I feel baby girl move a lot and have the hiccups which is still the cutest thing!

I have a busy couple of weeks coming up which include my mum visiting, a midwife appointment, my baby shower, my birthday and Mark having a week off work. Hoping to get ready for baby girl in the week Mark has off work, just in case she decides to make an early appearance. We are also hoping to do a DIY maternity photoshoot... any tips would be more than welcomed!!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Changing My Name

As many of you know me and mark are engaged to be married. We were planning on getting married this spring/summer but baby girl had other ideas :D Now I would love to have it in October/November time but we will have to see if funds are available.

Meanwhile I really want us to be a family unit and I know that a name doesn't define a family but I think i'd feel left out with Mark and baby girl having the same last name and me having a different one. I'm thinking about adding marks last name to my last name with a hyphen, giving me a double barrelled last name until we get married. Then I would drop my last name and become a Mrs. I did think about just dropping my last name now and then when we do get married just become Mrs but this just doesn't feel right. Mark is completely supportive of whatever I decide to do as he does understands how I feel.

I just hate the thought of me having a different last name to baby girl on her birth certificate. I know it's only a piece of paper but it really does bother me. I know that our last names will still be different but at least we'd partly have the same last name. I think I might feel differently if me and Mark weren't already engaged but we have been for 4 years now (longest engagement ever I know) I always wanted the big white wedding that as a little girl I dreamt about but now baby girl is on her way I realize that this isn't as important as it once was. Now I just want to marry  the man I love and the father of my soon to be daughter. 

It is a big step to change my last name (or add a name as I would be doing) and I really want to do it but I still can't make a decision. I know one person who changed her last name to her boyfriends just before their little girl was born and at the time I thought she was completely crazy and I couldn't understand why she did it but now it all makes sense.

Did anyone else feel the same if you weren't married when you had children? Or didn't you mind?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the lovely mummies out there... this time next year will be my first official mothers day and to tell you the truth I am a very excited already!! But for now I got a lovely present off baby girl and Mark and I couldn't love it more :D

Baby girl does seem to think that today is the perfect day to beat me up from the inside which I have to say I'm not enjoying too much but I love her anyway!!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Saturday, 17 March 2012

31 Weeks Pregnant

It's being a long week! Both me and Mark haven't been well and I seem too have hit a brick wall of tiredness! I'm so tired all the time and have zero energy. I look like I haven't slept well in weeks and to be honest I haven't. I feel like i'm back in the first trimester. Also I have felt more and more uncomfortable as each day passes which is strange as I don't really feel like i've grown a lot. My heart burn has also been playing up again, I seem to have good days and bad days. A big symptom for me this week has been braxton hicks. I get them quite often now but they don't hurt so all is good! I know it is just my body getting ready for baby girl :D A slightly more uncomfortable/painful symptom this week has been a pinching pain very low down... not 100% sure what this is but I think it could just be one of them things and again my body getting ready to have her. 

Did you experience braxton hicks?

I'm very excited to say that our moses basket came this week!! It was so unreal to actually unpack it from the box and think that soon there will be a little baby sleeping in it!! I will do a little post showing pictures when it is all put together as the stand still needs building which is Marks job :D Things are finally starting to come together and it's so exciting!!

I can't wait until she is here now... I just want to cuddle her so much! I know I will miss being pregnant but I'm just so excited to meet her! I'm just trying to enjoy these final weeks and soak everything up!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spring Time Nails

I love painting my nails and I love bright colours. I wear them all year but I think spring and summer is the perfect time to wear them! I feel they cheer me up and make me smile :D

So the other day I was bored and decided to paint my nails using one of my all time favourite nail varnishes from Barry M and one from Natural Collection.

The look is very girly and right up my street. I first applied a base coat then two coats of the Barry M nail paint in Shocking Pink. I then applied a coat of the Natural Collection nail varnish in Shimmer Pink to my ring fingers. Finally I added a top coat to seal everything. Three days later my nails still look perfect even though I have washed up and cleaned without wearing gloves!

What is your favourite colour to wear during the spring?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Expecting Stories

Where were you when you found out? What is your expecting story?

The day was Wednesday September 7th 2011 and good old aunt flow was due. We had been trying to conceive for 16 months and had given up all hope, I was waiting for AF to show then we were going to make an appointment to go see the doctor and find out if anything was wrong. 

Since I was tracking my cycles I knew exactly when I was due on and was always pretty regular. I also knew that my temperature was still quite high and this could indicate I was pregnant. The past 16 cycles I had all the 2 week wait symptoms in the book but this time things were different. I didn't have any symptoms what so ever! Apart from the previous Saturday... I couldn't sleep at all because I felt so sick. I didn't think anything of it until after. 

So on that fabulous Wednesday morning I woke up early with Mark and asked him if I should take a test as AF was a no show. He said to wait a couple more days but I couldn't... so off I went to pee on the stick! Almost straight away a second faint line appeared and I couldn't believe my eyes. Not wanting to get too excited I left the test in the bathroom and went and sat with Mark in bed until the minutes past. Strangely I was very calm and everything just felt so right. When the time was up we both ran into the bathroom, it was the funniest thing ever. We literally sprinted from the bedroom to the bathroom! We stood looking at the test in amazement. I burst into tears as I couldn't believe after all them months of trying it had finally happened, I still cant believe it now. Mark couldn't believe it either and was convinced that because the line was faint it meant I wasn't pregnant.  So we promised each other we wouldn't get our hopes up and I would take another test tomorrow morning and see what it said. This went on for a couple of days and as the line got darker and darker we believed it more and more. After taking the test for the first time Mark held me as a cried tears of joy... it was the most perfect moment and I will never forget!

It finally felt real for me at 6 weeks when the lovely morning sickness came. For Mark it took him a little longer... I don't think it really hit him until the 12 week scan and he never got properly excited until the 20 week scan. 

After all the time trying to conceive we were both so scared that something would go wrong and thankfully so far everything has been perfect :D

Not all stories are quite like mine but each is special in its own way. I'd love to hear your story.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Life of Millie!!

Millie doesn't quite understand the rules of hide and seek :D

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Friday, 9 March 2012

30 Weeks Pregnant

I can't believe I have hit 30 weeks pregnant!! That means we only have 10 weeks until baby girl is due. This is both a scary and very exciting thought :D

This week has been a week from hell! I have also got a lovely cold this week which is super fun. Other than that I haven't had too many symptoms. I've noticed a lot more braxton hicks and it feels like my bump has dropped a little and got lower.. just baby girl changing position no doubt. My energy has been the worst this week but I think that is mainly due to been ill and still not sleeping well! She is still moving around loads especially when I lay down! The movements are slightly different and now consist of knees and elbows poking out of my belly :D 

I also had my 31 week midwife appointment this week.. a couple of days early. Everything was perfect, baby girl is measuring spot on as normal. My blood pressure was a little higher than normal but that was due to the stress of this week so nothing to worry about. We also got to hear baby girls heartbeat again. We had to ask as my midwife doesn't listen to it as a routine thing... does yours? It was 142 beats per minute and truly is the best sound in the world. Me and Mark both recorded it on our phones so we can listen whenever we want. We have an at home doppler but it isn't very clear.

I'm hoping to feel better next week and put all the stress behind me and start preparing more for our little girl to arrive :D

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Monday, 5 March 2012

See My Belly Grow!! 27 - 29 Weeks!!

27 weeks pregnant!!

28 weeks pregnant!!

29 weeks pregnant!!

As you might be able to tell from the last picture my belly button has popped out at the top, the bottom is flat and i'm sure will pop any day!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Saturday, 3 March 2012

29 Weeks Pregnant

This week has been a pretty good week. I've had a lot more energy than normal and felt pretty good :D I think this has to do with me sleeping a lot better than normal but I am defiantly NOT complaining about that. Something that has kept me awake a little is aching legs which I heard is quite a normal thing to experience along with leg cramps. 

Baby girl just loves playing with my bladder now... this isn't as fun for me but it's nice to know i'm keeping her entertained in there, lol! I feel her have hiccups at least once a day now which I find so cute but slightly strange too! Mark even placed his hand on my belly and he could even feel them which was nice as sometimes I think that he feels a little left out as he doesn't feel her as much as I do.  She normally stops moving when he tries to feel her.  Does your little one do this?

I also managed to capture baby girl kicking on video, up until now she has been very shy and would stop as soon as I put the camera on. Check out the video below to have a little peek!

A few more baby buys happened this week. Including bath things and tiny baby comb and brush! Hope she has hair so I can use them. 

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx
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