Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Expecting Stories

Where were you when you found out? What is your expecting story?

The day was Wednesday September 7th 2011 and good old aunt flow was due. We had been trying to conceive for 16 months and had given up all hope, I was waiting for AF to show then we were going to make an appointment to go see the doctor and find out if anything was wrong. 

Since I was tracking my cycles I knew exactly when I was due on and was always pretty regular. I also knew that my temperature was still quite high and this could indicate I was pregnant. The past 16 cycles I had all the 2 week wait symptoms in the book but this time things were different. I didn't have any symptoms what so ever! Apart from the previous Saturday... I couldn't sleep at all because I felt so sick. I didn't think anything of it until after. 

So on that fabulous Wednesday morning I woke up early with Mark and asked him if I should take a test as AF was a no show. He said to wait a couple more days but I couldn't... so off I went to pee on the stick! Almost straight away a second faint line appeared and I couldn't believe my eyes. Not wanting to get too excited I left the test in the bathroom and went and sat with Mark in bed until the minutes past. Strangely I was very calm and everything just felt so right. When the time was up we both ran into the bathroom, it was the funniest thing ever. We literally sprinted from the bedroom to the bathroom! We stood looking at the test in amazement. I burst into tears as I couldn't believe after all them months of trying it had finally happened, I still cant believe it now. Mark couldn't believe it either and was convinced that because the line was faint it meant I wasn't pregnant.  So we promised each other we wouldn't get our hopes up and I would take another test tomorrow morning and see what it said. This went on for a couple of days and as the line got darker and darker we believed it more and more. After taking the test for the first time Mark held me as a cried tears of joy... it was the most perfect moment and I will never forget!

It finally felt real for me at 6 weeks when the lovely morning sickness came. For Mark it took him a little longer... I don't think it really hit him until the 12 week scan and he never got properly excited until the 20 week scan. 

After all the time trying to conceive we were both so scared that something would go wrong and thankfully so far everything has been perfect :D

Not all stories are quite like mine but each is special in its own way. I'd love to hear your story.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Aww I loved reading this! I was so happy when you told me you was pregnant after the long wait. She will be so worth it when she is born!

    1. It feels like a lifetime ago I told you. I remember how excited you were :D I can't wait until she is here now Xx

  2. Nicola, That is such a lovely story. I am actually quite envious of how happy Mark was, as Luke never ever got excited. Luke was negativity in the most horrid form. You are such a lucky lady!

    That is going to be such an amazing story to tell your little girly!! xxxxx

    1. I do feel very lucky that I had such a good experience and Mark was so lovely. I think it was also because we had been trying for so long it was just such a relief when it happened.

      The most important thing for you and Luke is that now you have such a precious little boy :D

      I can't wait to tell her! Xx


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