Saturday, 7 April 2012

34 Weeks Pregnant

I know I say this every week but I really can't believe how fast the weeks are passing by! I only have 6 weeks until my due date.... that is so crazy! I thought the weeks would slow down but somehow they are going by faster! Lol!

I am pretty sure that this week baby girl has dropped and engaged a little more. I have had the same pinching pains as before which are getting more uncomfortable each time it happens. I'm also feeling more pressure and it feels like my bump has got lower. Some people have even commented that it looks like my bump has dropped. I can defiantly tell a difference as now I can feel my ribs again just under my bust. So hopefully things are moving in the right direction once again and she is that little bit closer to coming.

Speaking of her coming... we got the car seat this week. Having never really seen a car seat up close before I thought it was going to be really small but I was so surprised when I saw how big it actually was. Baby girl is going to look so small in it. I still find it crazy that in a matter of weeks we will be bringing a little newborn baby home in it. We officially have everything we need for her to arrive now. We still haven't got the pushchair but figure that we won't need that straight away and hopefully we will be ordering that at around 38 weeks. So if she comes near her due date we will have it all ready. 

I also got a few more things for my hospital bag and it's nearly all done now. Both a scary and exciting thought!

I'm so excited that things are finally starting to come together and although it may not have been how we originally thought things were going to turn out it really doesn't matter :D

Also this week I had a surprise baby shower which Mark organised. Read all about it HERE
We also went to our antenatal class and had a hospital tour. I will be posting a blog post about our experience in a few days so look out for that!

Thank you for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Sounds like she is getting ready to make a appearance! I remember getting my hospital bag prepared and found it so exciting. I hit up primark for PJ's and pants and then tesco for Lucazade and munch.

    You really do make me want to go through it all again! xx

    1. Awww, I'm so excited about it all now and finally feel as prepared as I can :D Xx

  2. Oh, Nicola stop making me so damn broody lol! I loved this part of my pregnancy so much and can't believe I'll have to wait so long to do it again :(
    Sounds like things are headed the right way though- hopefully when the time comes she won't keep you waiting about for her arrival! Take care lovely xxx

    1. Hahaha!! She better not keep me waiting, lol. We can totally swap positions for the day... I'm starting to get so fed up lol Xx


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