Saturday, 14 April 2012

35 Weeks Pregnant

Another week under my belt and and another week closer to meeting our baby girl. I get more excited as each day passes.

Not a lot has changed this week. Things are still going well and everything seems right on track. I did have another midwife appointment and unlike what I thought baby girl hasn't engaged anymore but my midwife said not to worry as i'm not even 36 weeks so still have plenty of time. She did say though that baby girl is in the perfect position for labour and is still growing really well. Overall I couldn't ask for anything more. I told her I was still having the pinching type pain and she said that although baby girl hasn't engaged anymore she could be moving her head around and this is causing me to have the pain. We also wrote my birth plan at my midwife appointment and a post will coming up shortly :D

Mark pampered me a little this week and painted my toes as I have no hope reaching them now... I find it hard enough to put my socks on these days never mind concentrating to paint my toes! I am quite proud to say he did quite a good job :D

Also this week I noticed my first stretch marks... the evil little things! I got terribly upset and cried on Mark's shoulder for a while. I'm hoping I won't get too many more and that they will fade over time but I know that once baby girl is here I won't care and will see them as beautiful marks of my pregnancy. 

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


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