Monday, 30 April 2012

Hospital Visit

So in my 37 weeks pregnant post I mentioned that the midwife was concerned that I hadn't felt baby girl move as much as normal on the day of my appointment. She advised me to go home, have something to eat, something to drink and lay down on my left side and see if this got baby girl moving. So I went home and did as I was told, waited an hour or so and still hadn't felt anything. I called Mark at work and filled him in and he decided to come home as he was worried. After I got off the phone to Mark I phoned the hospital and they said that I should go down to be monitored. They made me an appointment for a little later that afternoon. 

The time finally came and we made our way to the hospital, still hadn't felt baby girl move at this point. We got sent on a wild goose chase around the hospital and then eventually we got to the right place... an hour and a half after we arrived at the hospital!! This really didn't help and just made both me and Mark very annoyed. I was put on the monitor and sure enough as soon as it touched my belly baby girl decided to have a right little wiggle and kick it off. It was such a relief to finally feel her move. I was on the monitor for just over an hour. We could hear baby girls heartbeat the whole time and also see when my uterus was tightening, I could feel it happening but I think Mark found it quite interesting to see. 

After the time was up the printout was checked over and everything looked perfectly fine :D This was such a big relief. 

I am now keeping an eye on her movements and was told that I must go back to the hospital if I notice a decrease in movement again. Hopefully she will be a good girl from now on and keep on wiggling around!

We were so scared... Did you ever have a similar experience?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Hey lovely, Glad everything was ok with baby girl. Leo was the same. I visited hospital 3 times for this, the last time was the week before he came.

    It is so scary, they usually wait for you to get to hospital and then start moving hehe...xx

  2. They are little monkeys aren't they? Lol Xx


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