Saturday, 5 May 2012

38 Weeks Pregnant

So 2 weeks until my due date and things have slowed down A LOT! Each day feels like a week, lol. I am fed up, ache all over and just generally want to get this baby out of me!

I'm still having a mountain of braxton hicks and pains. I keep telling myself that my body is just preparing itself and am trying to smile through them. This helps a little bit but I just want her out!

Midwife appointment went very well. Everything is perfect once again. Baby girl is ready to come so now it is just a waiting game until she decides when she wants her birthday to be :D
I don't go back to see my midwife now until I am 5 days over due. I am so hoping to have her by then but only time will tell. When do you think I will have her?

The baby swing and pram both came this week which officially means that we have everything we need for baby girl. Well the pram got delivered with a broken wheel so once the new wheel comes we will have everything we need, lol. I'm so excited for her to get here so she can use all of her things rather than them sitting around.

I feel like I need a little project to do to keep me entertained while I wait for baby girl to make her appearance. Any ideas? I'm going mad just waiting. How did you cope with the waiting?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Hey hunny congrats on 39 weeks! What sang did you get? Before H was bn I went mad making rungs fr her nursery, I did bunting, knit a teddy and blanket, made a rug, sewed a felt butterfly, decorated wooden wall letters, made a cushion!! Lol like I say I went a bit mad!

  2. Thank you!! Wow, you did!! I am not that clever, lol. Do you mean what swing huni? Xx

  3. Before Shy was born, I lost the plot a bit and started very actively dancing and doing Zumba and used my birthing ball loads! She was 4 day early so guess it helped lol

    1. Hehe!! I may have to try this :D I might close the curtains first though lol xx


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