Saturday, 12 May 2012

40 Weeks Pregnant

There were times when I thought I wouldn't reach 40 weeks pregnant. To be honest not many people thought I would. For some reason we all thought baby girl would be early... maybe it was wishful thinking. But now I have reached my due date I feel quite proud in a way that she is still cooking away and getting fatter by the hour hehe :D

It is quite disappointing to reach your due date and still be pregnant but I know that this is very common, especially in first time mums. And can you believe that only 5% of babies are born on their due date! Apart of me wishes there wasn't so much focus on your due date as the counting down is exciting at first then turns into a bit of a let down when you reach it and you still aren't holding your beautiful baby.

This week has gone so slow, which I fully expected! I have tried to keep both busy and relax at the same time as I know baby girl will be here soon and i'll be begging for some me time when i'm rushed off my feet looking after a newborn. 

I'm still having cramps, pains, braxton hicks and heartburn. All the fun things that pregnant women have to cope with lol! I have also noticed a rise in back pain this week which I am putting down to the fact that my belly is HUGE!! I have yet more stretch marks which is to be expected.

Baby girl is still moving up a storm and trying to escape through my belly button/the side of my belly... I think I need to draw her a little map of the proper exit :D

Hopefully by this time next week I will be posting about my beautiful baby girl and not about my 41st week! I have a midwife appointment booked for this coming week for a stretch and sweep in case I haven't had her by then.

Trying to wait patiently,

Nicola xx


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