Monday, 28 May 2012

The Birth of Paige Ellen - Part 2

Thursday 17th May

Around 11am I had finally had enough so we went hospital. I had not slept more than half an hour since 4:30am Wednesday morning and couldn't handle the pains anymore. I was in tears and wondering how on Earth I would manage with the actual birth. I phoned the hospital and they seemed very reluctant to let me go in at first as my contractions still weren't very regular but agreed I could go in and be checked. 

At 11:30am I got checked and was 5cm. I couldn't believe it. I cried! The contractions were finally doing something and baby girl was on her way. As Mark called family and friends to let them know I was officially in labour I tried to eat a sandwich as I hadn't managed to eat anything that morning and knew that i'd need some energy. My body didn't seem to want the sandwich and I was sick. 

The midwife told us that they expected me to dilate at least half a centimeter an hour and if I wasn't making progress they would think about breaking my waters. By 15:30 I was checked again and was 7cm with a bulging bag of waters. I was only just meeting the requirement of half a centimeter an hour. The midwife nearly broke my waters but said she would wait and give me another two hours to see how I progressed.  

I was then checked at 17:30 and was 8cm, my waters were still bulging. She decided that as I had just met my target for dilation she would leave my waters to go on there own. By this time I had such a big urge to push she told me to let my body do what felt natural so I pushed and at 18:15 I broke my own waters. It sounded like a balloon popping and I felt a huge relief as the pressure was horrible. 

Mark went to get some fresh air and I had a big urge to push again. At this point I was still on the bed as I had just been checked. The midwife told me not to fight it and go with it. While I was pushing she had a quick look and said she could see baby girls hair. There was then a big rush to get Mark back into the room so he didn't miss the birth. He came back in the room and all I could say was that baby girl had lots of dark hair... he thought he had missed the birth completely, until I managed to explain, lol. The midwife then told me that if I still wanted a water birth I needed to make a move quickly because baby girl was on her way. So back in the water I went along with the trusted gas and air. While in the pool I kept lifting my bum out of water while I was pushing which wasn't allowed to happen when baby girls head was out as she would start breathing then once I put my bum back in the water she would inhale water. So Mark had to hold my hips under the water. I made sure he was stood far enough to the side so he couldn't see anything but later he told me that he saw baby girl shoot into the water as I gave birth to her. He also expressed how he was glad I kept lifting my bum up as he never would of seen otherwise.

So after only 38 minutes pushing Paige Ellen was born at 18:53 weighing 8lb 6oz. We all couldn't believe how big she was as at my last midwife appointment I was measuring nearly two weeks behind!! Her head measured 34.5cm and she was 49cm long. The midwife also said that she was born with her hand against her face... something she still likes to do now.

I sat with her in the pool for a few minutes in shock and completely amazed that she was finally here and laid in my arms. I then got out the pool, Mark cut the cord and I delivered the placenta naturally. 

First Family Picture

I was in and out the birth pool throughout my labour and found it very relaxing in between contractions. I'd recommend it to anyone! The only pain relief I had was gas and air from around 8cm which I loved. Although I felt very drunk it made me less aware of the pain and gave me something to focus on while I was concentrating breathing it in. My contractions didn't get regular until I was around 7cm. I'm very glad we didn't wait until then as baby girl came quite quickly. 

I had everything I planned for and wouldn't change a thing about the birth. Looking back I loved every second. The thing I remember most is feeling her feet come out of me as she was born.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. My little one was born with his hand on his head too! Odd little thinks. Glad everything went so well for you x

  2. Ahhhh I loved reading this! Learnt to much too and you are all making me so broody. Paige is beautiful! x

  3. Congratulations again! I understand water births a lot more now. I wanted one but didn't get chance. Glad all went well! Fingers crossed this works! x

  4. Congratulations hun and great first family pic. Xx


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