Tuesday, 8 May 2012

REVIEW - MumStuff - Big Bump Mug

Mark got me a lovely present that I think every mum to be should have... a pregnant mug!! 

Isn't that the cutest mug you have ever seen?! I love it!!

I must admit that I do have a little obsession with mugs and have a little (ok, huge) collection so this was the perfect gift for me... Mark knows me too well :D

My mug is from a fabulous website called mumstuff.co.uk and you can find the link to the mug HERE

I have loved using this mug throughout my pregnancy. I think it is so cute, especially with the little hand and foot prints on the belly but you can get a plain mug if you prefer. It is also a very good size and defiantly helps me with remembering to drink lots of water.

I love everything on the website and wish I could have everything, hehe!! I am currently looking at their range of products for in labour, post labour, new and breastfeeding mums as this will be me soon :D They have some amazing products so check them out!! I will keep up updated if I manage to get my hands on anything else! 

Did you have any special pregnancy/mum to be presents?

Thanks for reading.

Nicola xx


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