Sunday, 3 June 2012

2 week update!! 31/05/12


Paige's cord mostly fell off at 8 days old and now at 2 weeks old is completely off. We have saved it and hopefully it will dry out even more and we can put it in her baby book. She is still doing very well and continues to be a good feeder and sleeper. She still goes around 3 hours between feeds during the night but does have the odd night when she will wake up every hour/hour and a half! 

2 weeks old


I am doing ok. Still on tablets for my infection and hopefully that is clearing up nicely. I'm not in as much pain anymore and just get the odd aches if i'm walking or standing for a long time. The main thing this week is the tiredness... I love my sleep so I am finding it hard coping on broken sleep but i'm doing ok. I think it will be much better when we get into a proper routine and things settle down, after all Paige is still only 2 weeks old. My stretch marks seem to have good and bad days as does my belly. I'm not too bothered at this stage as to be honest I just want to enjoy Paige while she is little and have my stitches (or lack of stitches) sorted out. 

1 week after birth & 2 weeks after birth

These first two weeks have being amazing and I truly feel blessed. Mark is such a fantastic daddy and helps out wherever he can. These two weeks off work he has had on paternity leave have brought us closer together and we now feel like a family. We love Paige so much and feel like the luckiest people in the world.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Gorgeous girl and glad to see you are enjoying her. It gets easier and eventually they start sleeping well at night!

  2. She is sooo gorgeous!! Motherhood is amazing isn't it!! Things will settle, I love my sleep too and after having a toddler which likes to sleep in until 9/10am, it's been a shock to the system having to do these night feeds! It does get easier and in a year or so you will completely forget these sleepless nights! :D xx

  3. Thanks ladies. It is getting easier... either that or im just getting used too it lol. I know it won't last forever so that helps lol Xx


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