Thursday, 7 June 2012

Going solo :D

So after Mark's two weeks off work for paternity leave I was flying solo. I was so scared about looking after Paige on my own but I knew that I had to get used too it as I was now a stay at home mummy. 

What if I couldn't soothe her or did something wrong? A million things ran through my head.

I am very pleased to report that all went well. I am very lucky that she is quite an easy going baby. We mostly have good days although we did have a bad day a couple days back. I was super tired and Paige was so unsettled and wouldn't nap at all but we got through it.

I am really loving staying at home with her and feel very lucky that we are able for me to do so. I have always wanted to be a stay at home mummy and now I feel like my dreams have come true and I am loving every minute.

Tomorrow is a big day... I'm taking Paige into town by myself. This involves travelling on a bus as I don't drive. It's only the second time she has been into town and on a bus. I am hoping things go as smoothly as the first time as I don't end up been one of those parents on the bus with the screaming child. Wish me luck!!

What was your first trip with your child like? Any tips?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Just keep calm and relaxed and all will run smoothly :) xxx

  2. Glad everything is going well. Babies can tell if you are tense, so just relax and she will too. Hope you had a nice day out x

  3. Everything went very well :D I loved every second!! Thanks ladies Xx


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