Monday, 23 July 2012


So my soon to be in-laws are coming to stay in a couple of weeks for a week. It will be the first time they have seen Paige in person (we do weekly video calls) and although I'm very excited for them to meet her I also remember how stressful it is having them stay with us. They live 220 miles away so a flying visit every week or so isn't really an option.

They will be staying in Paige's room on a blow up mattress. I personally think it would be better for everyone if they stayed in a hotel... they would get sleep when Paige is up in the night and we would all get a break from each other. Our house isn't the biggest in the world and during the week we are all on top of each other and in each others pockets.

So does anyone have any tips to help me deal with the stress? Do you have the same problems?

Thanks for reading

Nicola Xx


  1. Oh I know how you feel, mine live 2 and a half hours away so always have to stay! I said very gently that we were so worried about the baby waking them that they promptly booked into a b and b! Why don't you offer to pay (in the hope they wouldn't dream of accepting) for them to go in a b and b! Also I would drop a hint that you are trying her out in her room during the day so really need to keep that room free?!!! Check out @TransatlantiMom on twitter she hosted a MumsNight a couple of weeks ago all about dealing with difficult people! xx

    1. We tried. So far everything is going well :) Xx


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