Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Our 6 week check ups

So me and Paige had our 6 week check ups, even though Paige is now 7 weeks. Silly doctors!!

The doctor checked her all over and said everything looked perfect. He also weighed her and she is now 12lb 10oz. She is putting on roughly 1 and a half oz a day!! He picked her up and was very shocked with how much she weighed. So much so he had to put her down again to reposition his hands so he didn't drop her. I had noticed while changing her nappy that she had some extra tissue on her belly button. We asked the doctor about it and it's called an umbilical granuloma. This is where when the umbilical cord dries up and falls off but a small stork of tissue is left. It's pink/red in colour and will ooze until it is treated. Before we went to the doctors we had looked online and thought that this was what she had so we were keeping it clean and dry until we went to the doctor. He gave us some cream and told us to apply it twice a day. If the cream doesn't help we will have to go back and they will treat it with some silver nitrate. Fingers crossed the cream works. We also booked an appointment for Paige's injections. I'm a little nervous for them as I will be taking her on my own. I hope she copes well.

Any advice for helping me cope?

Mummy & Paige


The doctor didn't really do much for my 6 week check. I had previously been checked by my midwife as I was a little concerned that I hadn't healed well. The midwife told me that I had healed but not in the correct way. She referred me to the hospital and I was checked out by a gynecologist. He had a look and said that everything was perfectly fine and I had nothing to worry about. I have no idea why the midwife was so worried but she caused me great worry and stress! He didn't check my blood pressure or weigh me (I still haven't weighed myself since giving birth, I guess i'm a little scared). But I did ask him about my stomach. I noticed that considering I am 7 weeks post delivery my stomach still seems a little big considering I'm so small. I did some research ( like you do ) and it seems I have Diastasis Recti, which the doctor confirmed. Diastasis Recti is a separation of the stomach muscles. It is apparently very common during pregnancy and after delivery. It is caused by the growing uterus pushing again the stomach muscles. Part of the reason my muscles have separated would be because Paige was so big at birth and I am so small. I still find it a bit strange that at 40 weeks pregnant I was only measuring 38 weeks. My stomach muscles must have worked very hard before they finally separated. He has referred me to physical therapy but did say that the separation isn't massive. I looked online and found a few different exercises that help bring the muscles back together and have been doing them everyday so hopefully this is helping and to me it does feel like it is gradually getting smaller but we will see what the physical therapist says in a few weeks time. I'm desperate to get my body back and because of the Diastasis Recti I can't do any hard abdominal workouts as it will make the separation worse and I'll never get rid of my mummy tummy!! So I have to concentrate on sorting that out first then I can workout. 

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Great post hunny, we will both get rid of that mummy tummy! Don't you worry *cuddles* & Well done with Paige... Everything sounds amazing! What's the update on there Belly Button? xxx

    1. Belly button update.... since using the cream it looks 10x better already. Looks to be healing nicely :D And we will both do it!!!!! Xx


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