Tuesday, 31 July 2012

You Make Me Smile - Week 7

So I haven't joined in for the last few weeks but I'm back :D

The first thing this week that has made me smile is the sunshine. Me and Paige went to park and had a lovely afternoon.

Second thing this week... baby smiles. Paige smiles all the time now and it really is the cutest thing!! We just sit and stare at her all day pulling silly faces and making silly noises.

Last but not least is shopping!! We went shopping and got Paige a mamas and papas baby snug. So far it is great and we love it so much. A full review will be coming soon when we've used it a little more :D

What has made you smile this week? Join in in this linky over at The Mummy Adventure

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx

You make me smile


  1. What a gorgeous girl and the baby snug looks great! We had a bumbo for Dylan and he loved being sat up. It is great when you start weaning too as they are a bit little for high chairs sometimes x

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