Friday, 31 August 2012

Friday Chaos Blog Hop - Co Host

Lotte & Kerry decided to create this blog hop as they love linking up to different parties every week but have found it's much easier if it's all under one roof. So they put their minds together and came up with a Friday Social Networking hop called the FRIDAY CHAOS!

This week I am one of 4 co-hosters! Be sure the check us all out, follow via GFC and leave a comment! 

This is a link up for bloggers who want to increase traffic to their blogs and meet new friends!

1. Follow both hosts (The first two links below) via GFC, Facebook & Twitter and any other one's you fancy.
2. Follow all of the co-hosts(the next 4 links) 
3. Grab the button and put it on your blog somewhere to be seen.
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4. Don't just add your blog hoping to get followers, join in the fun and visit a few blogs.
4. Tweet about this hop

 If you would like to co-host one of the weeks let either Charlotte or Kerry know.

Okay, Lets get this chaos started!






Thursday, 30 August 2012

Transition To Cot Bed

Before Paige was born the plan was to have her sleeping in our room until she was 6 months old but plans change.

No matter how hard I try to keep as a baby she is growing up and growing up fast! She has now outgrown her moses basket *sob* This meant a big step for me and her... putting her in her cot bed, in her own room! 

We decided to put her in her cot bed now as she isn't swaddled anymore. Right from the day she was born she has been swaddled in a blanket to sleep and loved it. It settled her down straight away. As she got bigger and stronger, it got harder for me to swaddle her so Mark always had to help me. More and more she started breaking out of it and we noticed that the Moro Reflex had also disappeared. 

Firstly we tried Paige in her moses basket inside her sleeping bag, just to make sure that she would be ok and still sleep well not swaddled. She did amazingly well and slept 11 hours straight without waking. She just got a little fussy at around 4/5am but stayed asleep. After this it was time for her first night in her cot bed.

The first two nights me and Mark camped out with her just to make sure she was ok. Then the time came to leave her by herself. I think I was more scared than her. She loves having the room to stretch her arms and wiggles around a little. She didn't sleep too well and was up every 4 hours but I mainly think this was because she is starting to teethe. Her second night she did a lot better, she slept 8:30pm - 4am then went back down after a bottle and slept until 7am. 

I think we all sleep better having our own space. I do miss my baby girl sleeping right next to  me but this way I just have to make up for it with extra cuddles during the day :D

How did your little one handle the transition to sleeping on their own?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Baby Outfit - Bunny Top

On mine and Mark's first day out without Paige we decided to go shopping in Leeds. The plan was to spoil ourselves but if you have children you will know that plans soon go out of the window when you walk into shops and see the adorable baby clothes they have to offer. I didn't mind at all! I would much rather spend money on Paige than myself. Does anyone else feel this way about their children? 

We decided to pop into Zara and have a look at their baby clothes as I love their clothes for myself. After about 10 minutes of looking we had our arms full of cute clothes for Paige, including this cute little bunny top. It was a bargain in the sale. I can't remember exactly how much but I know it wasn't much.

I would buy the entire shop if I could and next time I go I will defiantly have to pick up this amazing Trench Coat and this Minnie Mouse Top. I love dressing Paige in Minnie Mouse things.

Another fabulous place for baby clothes is George at Asda. This is where these jeggings were from at only £4 they were a bargain and a staple item in Paige's wardrobe. She now has a pair of jeggings in sizes newborn, 0-3m and 3-6m. I'm sure in a couple months time she will also have 6-9m. There so comfy and look cute with alot of things.

Do you shop at Zara Baby or Asda?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Monday, 27 August 2012

Life Of Millie

My other baby, who is now 1 and a half!! She is still a little poser and loves Paige so much! I can't wait to see what they are when Paige is older.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Friday, 24 August 2012

Maybe The Universe Is Trying To Tell Me Something!

I do believe that the universe is trying to tell me not to exercise and to be lazy. That is how I like to think of it anyway :)

On Sunday I decided to start the 30 day shred in an attempt to lose some weight and tone up. The workout went well and I was very excited to do day two the next day. Before bed I noticed my wrist started to hurt. I woke up Monday and it was worse. Mark went to work but came home at lunch time I was really struggling to lift Paige and look after her. 

So off to hospital I went. I didn't think it was broken but having broke the same wrist before I just wanted to be sure as I didn't want to carry on using it just to damage it further.

Turns out I pulled all my ligaments in my wrist and was told not to pick up anything, not even Paige.

This week has been so hard. How can I not pick up my 3 month old baby?!

Mark has been amazing and taken over the running of the whole house and is doing a great job looking after Paige. I'm so lucky to have him!

I can't wait for my wrist to heal and have a proper cuddle off Paige :D

Have you done the 30 day shred? Did you have good results?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Photo Collage

I love having pictures all around the house. I'd have the walls covered if Mark let me, hehe! When Paige was born I found myself constantly taking pictures of her as I didn't want to miss a thing. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (NicolaBear987) you may guess that I love taking pictures of her! 

So when she was around 8 weeks old and I had collected quite a few pictures of her me and Mark decided to get some printed off. We ordered a huge frame from Wilkinsons as it was only £3 in the sale!! I thought it might be quite a nice idea to make a collage of pictures... here is the result. 

It is hung up pride of place in our living room. I love looking at it each and every day :D What do you think? Do you have lots of pictures of your little ones?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Monday, 20 August 2012

REVIEW - Mothercare MY4

When I found out I was pregnant I couldn't wait to start buying things but for the most part I did. I wanted to wait and make sure the baby was nice and healthy. One of the last things we got was the pushchair. I spent weeks doing research and looking at reviews and asking people for advice. After all this I came across the Mothercare Mychoice 4 wheeler pram & pushchair. 

When the time came to buy it we were very lucky and Mothercare were having a sale. So instead of £370 for the chassis and seat unit we got it for around £190. BARGAIN!! The only catch was that they only colour they were doing in the sale was pink and I mean bright pink. I didn't mind but Mark wasn't too happy about pushing around a pink pram. He finally came round to the idea and we got the pram.

When it came I couldn't wait to put it together. As I did I found that one of the wheels was broken but with a quick call to Mothercare all was fine and they sent us a new wheel. Fab customer service!

5 days after Paige was born
Things I love
The biggest plus that appealed to me was that it could be both a pram and a pushchair. It can also be parent facing for when baby is young and forward facing for when they want to have a look around. It can also be paired with a maxi cosi car seat. I also do love the colour and have gotten quite a few comments on it. The handle is fully adjustable. The brakes push on and off so your toes don't hurt if wearing flip flops (very important in my mind) It is very easy to push, fits on a bus nicely and easily moves around shops. You can also buy this chassis with 3 wheels, such a great option.

Parent facing

Things I don't like

The shopping basket is quite small and quite a pain to get on and off the chassis. I got around this by attaching a baby elegance pram hook to give me a bit of extra room for shopping bags. I like this one the best as it wraps around the handle with a fabric strap so doesn't damage the handle like some other pram hooks. You can buy the baby elegance pram hook HERE

Baby Elegance pram hook

Overall I am really pleased with this pram. I think we made the right choice for us. If we are lucky enough to have a second baby and it was a boy we would seriously think about buying the separate black pram unit and using this chassis.

Any prams you would recommend?

Thank you for reading,

Nicola xx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Capture The Colour

Travel Supermarket  are running a fabulous competition called Capture The Colour. They are looking for bloggers to write a post containing 5 pictures that capture these 5 colours... Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red. 

Here is my entry. All my pictures remind me of a special day.

The BLUE of the sky and sea on holiday in Portland, England. Just after I found out I was pregnant.

The Green of the lily pads at my local butterfly world, England. A place where we love to visit as a family.

The Yellow of my daughters dress and sunflower toy and she sleeps peacefully at a wedding, England. The first ever wedding we each attended.

The White of the beautiful Giant Panda at Edinburgh zoo, Scotland. Where my partner made my childhood dream come true.

The Red of a lighthouse to safely guide ships home, Portland, England.

I now have to nominate 5 other bloggers to take part in the competition.

Vikki at Love From Mummy
Laura at The Life And Times Of The Working Mum
Lucy at Capture By Lucy
Lotte at Berice Baby
Lisa at Holly Bobbs

Thank you for reading,

Nicola xx

Friday, 17 August 2012

3 Months Old

I can't believe our little pudding is already 3 months old. Where does the time go?!

It only seems like yesterday that Paige was a newborn and could hardly do anything. Now she wants to be sat up or stood up all the time, she can also bear her own weight on her legs, can support her own head, coos and smiles her head off! She tracks movements and objects with her eyes, she grabs and shakes her rattle, pulls her dummy out of her mouth and puts its back in. It seems like she is learning something new each day.

In terms of sleeping Paige has always been very good. Now at 3 months we start her bedtime routine at 20:30 when she has a bath, a bottle, a story and is in bed for 21:00. She then sleeps until 5:00am when she has a bottle and then sleeps for another couple of hours. Paige eats around 5oz of milk every 3 hours. We are still working on a day time routine but she has around 4 one hour naps a day with a couple hours in between of playtime :D She is now wearing mostly 3-6m clothes but some 0-3m do still fit although they won't for much longer i'm sure. 

The past 3 months have been the most amazing 3 months of my life and I can't wait to experience the next 3. I miss her been a newborn and I feel like she wasn't small for two minutes. I think I blinked one day and she turned 3 months when I opened my eyes. I am enjoying each and every day and I love that she is constantly learning and developing. 

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I Survived

Well I managed a week with the in-laws. To be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought but I did realise that a week can feel like a very long time!

After 3 days I did start to get a little fed up and started counting down the days until they left. but it could of been a lot worse.

It was lovely to see them again and things went well compared to last time. We had a lovely meal in a pub, a yummy take away, a fun shopping trip and a few trips to the park. I'm glad they finally got to see Paige. 

We are hoping to go see them just before Christmas for a weekend. Paige will be 6 months old then!! 

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Monday, 13 August 2012

Baby Outfit - Tutu Bodysuit

This bodysuit has to be the cutest thing that Paige owns. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It's baby pink with a lovely little flower on the front and a tutu attached!!

It was £12 from Next. Which to be honest I wouldn't normally pay for a bodysuit as I do think it's a bit expensive for only one. But Next clothes are always very well made and so cute we just had to get it!! 

I had to control myself while in Next as I loved ALL of their baby clothes but we did also pick up a few other items which I'm sure will feature in posts when Paige grows into them a little more :)

Do you ever fall in love with an outfit and HAVE to buy it?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx

Friday, 10 August 2012

We Tried Our Breast

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I wanted to breastfeed. It wasn't even something I had to think about. Never did I think that me or Paige would have problems and I'd end up giving her formula.

Here is our story.

After Paige was born I laid down on the bed and tried to get her to latch on. I had a midwife helping as I wasn't too sure what to do. After many failed attempts we finally got Paige latched on. It took a good hour and even then she kept coming off the breast. Eventually she started to feed but I was crying from the pain. I thought it would be such an amazing natural thing and I'm sure it is for some mums but that wasn't the case for me. I knew to expect it to feel uncomfortable at first and to be sore but the pain I was feeling was horrible.

I have no idea why it hurt so much. The midwife said she eventually latched well so it wasnt that. I'm not sure if it was because I'd hardly slept in the best part of 36 hours that the pain seemed worse but I knew I couldn't do it. I was very tense and Paige could tell. All my hopes came crashing down around me and I couldn't believe it. My only options at the time were to hand express or give formula. I choose formula as Paige needed to have food right away. Upon deciding to formula feed we told the midwife. After telling her this her attitude towards me completely changed, which I don't think was very fair. I know that the birth centre I gave birth at was very pro breast feeding but I tried my best, what else could I do? My baby needed food. The pain was too much for me and because I was in pain, upset and just uncomfortable I knew Paige could tell. Her latch would become very poor, she knew!

So formula feeding it was. The midwife then asked for our milk and bottles. Me and mark both looked at each other. We hadn't brought them. We hadn't thought we would need them. That's how much I wanted breastfeed. We hadnt even bought bottles or a steriliser!!! We weren't going to bother. Luckily I had won a competition on twitter so we did have everything we needed. My best friend came to rescue... After driving mark back home to collect the bottles she also drove him to the 24hr tesco to get some milk. Very reluctantly the hospital gave me a bottle of formula so I could feed Paige. This was so much hassle!! At first they refused to give it to me. It was locked in a cupboard... Like it was some sort of drugs. I understand that breast milk is the best thing for a baby to have but surely formula isn't that bad!

As a formula feeding mum apart of me feels like I've let Paige down. Like a part of me failed because I couldn't do the most natural thing in the world and feed my baby girl myself. I'll be honest... I cried. I was so disappointed with myself and the midwife didn't help. There's so much support out there for breastfeeding mums... What about if you try but fail. Surely you need support too.

Looking back I'd love to say I wish I tried later to breastfeed Paige again, give it another go. But I remember how I felt and that wasn't going to happen. Now I'm coming to terms with my decision to formula feed. My baby needed food, it doesn't matter where it came from. Now I look at her and see how perfectly healthy she is and how well she is doing and that's down to formula.

Next time I will try again. And hopefully I will breastfeed. But if I can't I'm not going to beat myself up over it.

How was your breast feeding experience?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

You Make Me Smile - Week 8

This week has being fab! I've smiled a lot and generally loved life!

First up this week is my cousins wedding. As you may have seen in my blog post me and Paige attended our first ever wedding and had a great time!

The next thing making me smile this week is Paige. She puts a smile on my face every second of every day but now that she is getting older she is so much more responsive and I'm living every second. This week we have been making her smile whenever we can :D

The last thing this week is surprisingly Marks mum and dad. if you have seen my in laws post you will know that I wasn't looking forward to them coming but to tell you the truth I have enjoyed watching both Mark and Paige with them.

What has made you smile this week? Join in over at The Mummy Adventure.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx 

</You make me smile>

Monday, 6 August 2012

My First Ever Wedding

Saturday 4th August was a special day for me and Paige. It was my cousins wedding. It was also the first ever wedding me and Paige have attended.

The day started in a hurry to get ready. We got up hours before we were due to leave but as usual I ended up rushing around. Does anyone else find it so hard to get ready with a baby? I find it terrible!

However I did enjoy getting dressed up. The first time since Paige has being born. Although I don't feel 100% about my body right now (see my body after pregnancy post) I did feel quite good about myself. 

I attended the church service on my own as the bride didn't want any babies there. Afterwards Mark met us with Paige. We then headed to the hotel to have a lovely meal. After we had a couple of hours to wait until the night do. To be honest I found this a but strange. I always thought that wedding carried straight through, silly me! So while we waiting we decided to go up to my mums room in the hotel, chill out and play with Paige.

The evening do came and we headed back to the room. The first dance was beautiful and so was the cake :D

First Dance

All in all the wedding was gorgeous and we all had a great day. Paige was the centre of everyone's attention and the bride was especially made up as she got Paige to smile at her for the first time.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Review - My Pocket Buddy

I was very grateful to be sent this handy natural hand sanitiser to try out from My Pocket Buddy.

*Unique formulation made from 100% pure and natural ingredients
*No synthetic chemical nasties
*Alcohol free, allergen free, fragrance free and paraben free
*Kills 99.9% of germs and is effective in seconds
*Solvent free, non-toxic and non-flammable
*Contains no animal derived ingredients, and hasn't been tested on animals
*Refreshing and quick drying, with natural moisturisers such as Aloe Vera
*All product materials are recyclable and make from recycled materials

For more information check out the My Pocket Buddy website

Things I like
I love that the product comes in a pen form. This makes it so easier to throw in your bag and carry around for them all important nappy changes. Just like the information says I do find that this product leaves my hands feeling fresh and moisturised. It doesn't dry out my hands like other hand sanitisers have done in the past. The application is also very quick and easy due to the spray. I also love the cute little belongs to label. This makes it ideal for children to take to school and means it wont get lost :)

Things I would change.

To be honest I wouldn't change anything about the product itself. I think it is a great natural product. The only thing I would change is the label. I'm not very keen on the green colour and as a lover of all things pink I would love to see an option of colour.

Overall I think this is a fab product for both children and adults alike. One of the best things about the product is the price... buy it now on eBay HERE for only £1.20 plus delivery. Also make sure to try out some of there other products also available on eBay.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

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