Friday, 24 August 2012

Maybe The Universe Is Trying To Tell Me Something!

I do believe that the universe is trying to tell me not to exercise and to be lazy. That is how I like to think of it anyway :)

On Sunday I decided to start the 30 day shred in an attempt to lose some weight and tone up. The workout went well and I was very excited to do day two the next day. Before bed I noticed my wrist started to hurt. I woke up Monday and it was worse. Mark went to work but came home at lunch time I was really struggling to lift Paige and look after her. 

So off to hospital I went. I didn't think it was broken but having broke the same wrist before I just wanted to be sure as I didn't want to carry on using it just to damage it further.

Turns out I pulled all my ligaments in my wrist and was told not to pick up anything, not even Paige.

This week has been so hard. How can I not pick up my 3 month old baby?!

Mark has been amazing and taken over the running of the whole house and is doing a great job looking after Paige. I'm so lucky to have him!

I can't wait for my wrist to heal and have a proper cuddle off Paige :D

Have you done the 30 day shred? Did you have good results?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Yes definitely a sign you need to not move a muscle. fact. ;) lol

  2. Hope you get better soon! I've had a lot of wrist problems from a sprain I got four years ago...when your wrist hurts you really realize how much you use your hands!

  3. Oh, that's awful. Just when you are feeling motivated - how frustrating. I didn't do the 30 Day shred, but I did the P90X - which is 90 days of torture. I wonder if you got injured because your body is still post-pregnancy? You know how when you are pregnant all your ligaments go loosey-goosey? I forgot the exact science behind it. Is it possible that your ligaments were not quite back to normal when you began. It takes such a long time for a body to go back to normal after pregnancy. But then everybody is different too and you had the wrist injury from before. So many factors! Well, regardless, I hope you feel better soon so you can pick up that cutie-pie little baby. :)

    I'm visiting after connecting on Twitter and I'm now following you via GFC, Networked Blogs and email. I would love for you to visit us and reciprocate! Have a wonderful weekend,

    Cheers, Renee


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