Monday, 6 August 2012

My First Ever Wedding

Saturday 4th August was a special day for me and Paige. It was my cousins wedding. It was also the first ever wedding me and Paige have attended.

The day started in a hurry to get ready. We got up hours before we were due to leave but as usual I ended up rushing around. Does anyone else find it so hard to get ready with a baby? I find it terrible!

However I did enjoy getting dressed up. The first time since Paige has being born. Although I don't feel 100% about my body right now (see my body after pregnancy post) I did feel quite good about myself. 

I attended the church service on my own as the bride didn't want any babies there. Afterwards Mark met us with Paige. We then headed to the hotel to have a lovely meal. After we had a couple of hours to wait until the night do. To be honest I found this a but strange. I always thought that wedding carried straight through, silly me! So while we waiting we decided to go up to my mums room in the hotel, chill out and play with Paige.

The evening do came and we headed back to the room. The first dance was beautiful and so was the cake :D

First Dance

All in all the wedding was gorgeous and we all had a great day. Paige was the centre of everyone's attention and the bride was especially made up as she got Paige to smile at her for the first time.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx


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  3. I remember my first wedding in 2007 and be equally confused about the turn around time in between the day do and the night do! You both looked lovely though and just think it won't be long until you are doing it yourself :D xx


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