Thursday, 30 August 2012

Transition To Cot Bed

Before Paige was born the plan was to have her sleeping in our room until she was 6 months old but plans change.

No matter how hard I try to keep as a baby she is growing up and growing up fast! She has now outgrown her moses basket *sob* This meant a big step for me and her... putting her in her cot bed, in her own room! 

We decided to put her in her cot bed now as she isn't swaddled anymore. Right from the day she was born she has been swaddled in a blanket to sleep and loved it. It settled her down straight away. As she got bigger and stronger, it got harder for me to swaddle her so Mark always had to help me. More and more she started breaking out of it and we noticed that the Moro Reflex had also disappeared. 

Firstly we tried Paige in her moses basket inside her sleeping bag, just to make sure that she would be ok and still sleep well not swaddled. She did amazingly well and slept 11 hours straight without waking. She just got a little fussy at around 4/5am but stayed asleep. After this it was time for her first night in her cot bed.

The first two nights me and Mark camped out with her just to make sure she was ok. Then the time came to leave her by herself. I think I was more scared than her. She loves having the room to stretch her arms and wiggles around a little. She didn't sleep too well and was up every 4 hours but I mainly think this was because she is starting to teethe. Her second night she did a lot better, she slept 8:30pm - 4am then went back down after a bottle and slept until 7am. 

I think we all sleep better having our own space. I do miss my baby girl sleeping right next to  me but this way I just have to make up for it with extra cuddles during the day :D

How did your little one handle the transition to sleeping on their own?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Hey :)

    Just found you via the Friday Chaos Blog Hop :) I look forward to becoming friends with you and interacting more :)

    Life in a Break Down

  2. Hello Nicole! I found you through the Friday Chaos as well, and I'm so glad to find/follow your blog. I love finding fellow mommy blogs! Your little girl is beautiful!!
    I definitely know what you mean about plans changing and finding it a hard transition to change our little girls from one place to another. It was hard for me when I had to put my daughter in her own room! We didn't do it until she was like 7 months haha. It's so fast, isn't it? I think I handled it better when I realized that she needed more space, and I knew it'd be better for her. (even if it was hard for mommy) :)

    Glad to *meet* you! Look forward to reading more!

  3. She is such a cutie! I am now following from the Friday Chaos blog hop

  4. She is so darling! Babies grow too fast!
    Found you through the blog hop, thanks for co-hosting!

    New follower
    Of Thoughts and Things

  5. Found you through Friday Chaos. We just r evenly transitioned our baby girl into her own room and I miss those sweet baby cuddle so much at night. She loves her own bed though, she loves having the room to wiggle around.

  6. I found you through the Friday Chaos blog hop. I'm a new follower. Paige is so adorable, they really grow up so fast. It seems like my nephew turned two overnight.

  7. Your daughter is a cutie!! I found you on Friday Chaos! Looking forward to reading more!


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  9. Visiting via Friday Chaos. You have a beautiful family. We have twins, so sort of had an early forced transition. (Not enough room for four in the bed!) But, I think it was easier on me knowing they had each other to keep company, I guess. Good luck with the transition. Happy to be a new follower.

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    1. New follower from the hop! Cute baby girl. My baby's middle name is Paige. :)

  11. Visiting from the friday chaos!! Sweet little girl!!
    Connie from Sadieloohoo

  12. Dylan slept so much better once he had the space to wriggle and I loved having my bedroom back! Hope she keeps sleeping well for you x


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