Saturday, 29 September 2012

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Friday, 28 September 2012

Am I A Bad Mum?

I can't help but think that im a bad mum. Let me explain.

4 months old is defiantly the worst age so far for us. Paige seems to be having a really tough time and in turn so am I.

She isn't sleeping properly so neither am I. She is constantly fussy and so unsettled.

I have people constantly telling me how great their baby is. How they are always laughing, giggling and smiling. How they are sleeping 12 hours straight. I don't care!!

Surely I must be doing something wrong!

I really hope this is just a stage as I want my calm, happy baby back. 

I miss her.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx

Sitting Up Trouble

Unlike other babies I know that are around the same age, Paige hates sitting up in any kind of seat/high chair. 

We have the Baby Snug from Mama's and Papa's. You can view the chair we have HERE.

I love the chair so much but Paige hates it. Her younger cousin who is 3 months old happily plays in her chair and loves it so much. Paige doesn't even last a few minutes. She straighteners her legs and starts to scream as she tries to push and wiggle out of the chair. 

I know she can sit in it as the picture above proves and I know its not because she can't support her head as she has perfect head control. 

I'm also very confused as she recently sat in a rocking animal chair and was fine!!

I'm not sure if its just a stage but she has done it for quite a while now and isn't getting any better. She seems to just want to be stood up all the time. When we start weaning she will have to be in a chair of some sort for me to be able to feed her. 

I wonder if as she learns to support herself better she will then be better at sitting in her Baby Snug.

Did your baby so the same thing? I'm at a loss at what I can do apart from wait and keep trying.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Baby Eczema - Our Story So Far

When Paige was born she had very dry skin, it didn't seem to bother her and cleared up in a few weeks after using oilatum in her baths and applying it to her skin.

Over time her skin started to get worse. We went to the doctors as they suggested we stopped using baby products and started to use epaderm. Again we used that in her baths, as a wash and shampoo and applied it to her 4 times a day.

This worked for a little while but then the eczema came back worse. We went back to doctors who gave her a steriod cream. This worked amazingly well.... For the first week!! As a steriod we could only use it for 7 days at a time. And as soon as we stopped using it the eczema would come back even worse than before. Then it stopped working altogether. Now each time it comes back it seems to be getting worse.

Over the weekend I have noticed Paige itching her face a hell of a lot so Monday I packed her up and off we went back to the doctors. They then told me her eczema was infected and gave us a stronger steriod cream. We also have a cream called Aveeno to use like we use the epaderm. They also gave us some vests for her to sleep in. The idea is to cream her up then put this vest on she she can't rub the cream off. It also has mittens on the end so she can't itch her face.

I have no idea what is causing we eczema to flare up and get worse.

At first we were told to not change washing powder but now they are telling us to try change it. I've looked into ecoballs..... Anyone have any experience of them?

So at the moment we are the epaderm in her baths and to wash her with, we apply aveeno a good 4-6 times a day. We then use the steriod cream on any flare ups she has but can only use it for 7 days at a time. We are applying it twice a day, morning and night.

I am going to change washing powder and see if that helps. I've also heard of putting oats under the tap while we run her bath... Anyone tried this?

All we can do for now is manage her eczema and hope she grows out of it!! At the moment we aren't managing it and it breaks my heart to see Paige in pain and constantly itching. I wish I could help her more.

We still have a few more creams to try and if all fails we will they be referred to the hospital to see a specialist.

If anyone knows of any at home treatments please let me know. I'll try anything!!

After a couple of days of using the new creams it is slowly getting better. She is still wanting to itch her face but the infected area is calmed down and overall the skin feels and looks a lot better.

What is your experience with baby eczema?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Monday, 24 September 2012

5 Minute Mummy Make Up

I had an idea to do a post about how I do my make up in a morning. Looking after a 4 month old I don't have much time so need something quick and easy which hopefully looks nice. I don't wear make up everyday and some days I only wear concealer and lip gloss but here is what I do if I want to wear make up.

Here is all the make up I use.

The lovely no make up shot!!

First up is foundation. I use Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Ivory. As you can see I put this over my face then blend using a foundation brush.

After foundation.

Next I use a bronzer. I use the Maybelline Dream Sun Glow. I apply this just under my cheek bones to contour.

Next is blusher. I use the MUA Blusher in shade 4. I just apply this to the apples of my cheeks.

For my eyes I either just use a simple light brown colour or use the light brown colour with a darker brown in the outer corner. I use the MUA Undressed palette. I used shade 3 all over my lid and shade 10 in the outer corner.

Next I curl my lashes and apply my mascara. I use the W7 Big Lash mascara. I just apply a thin coat to my top lashes. As you can see it make my lashes look longer and fuller with only a thin coat. My lashes are pretty thick and long anyway so I can get away without using mascara.

I then apply an under eyes concealer to cover up my dark circles. I blend using my ring finger.

And lastly I apply an MUA lipgloss in shade 2.

Here is the finished look!!

I want to see your mummy make up!!!

If you would like a closer look at any of products I would be more than happy to do a post on them, just let me know!

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked this slightly different post. Let me know :)

Nicola xx

Friday, 21 September 2012

Next Baby Haul

So this post is about what Mark got Paige from Next when he went shopping! He picked out everything by himself and I must say he did a fabulous job.

All the clothes are in sizes 6-9m as Paige hasn't got many in that size plus I find that Next clothes do tend to run a little small!

First off we have the adorable sleepsuits. I must admit that last time we went into Next I saw these and fell in love so he picked them up. They were £14 for the 3 which if you ask me is a bargain! She actually wears these now just with the sleeves turned up a little!

He also got a lovely black and white zebra dress for Paige to wear for my mums wedding in October. I thinking I will pair it with black tights and a cute little cardigan. It was £11. Available on the Next website HERE

Next is the little pink t shirt with the picture of some peas on. The writing say peas'd to meet you!! How cute?! This also fits Paige right now. This was just £5! Amazing quality and price.

And lastly we have two long sleeved tops. The first has an adorable little bunny on the front and the second says I love mummy and she loves me. He got this one because when I went shopping in Next last I got a t shirt which says I love dad, he's my hero. I think they were around £6 each.

I've tried to link as many of the clothes as I can for you all to take a peek!!

I think mark did a great job. What do you think? 

We love Next for baby clothes!! Great quality and fab prices. I would spend a fortune in there if I could.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Daddy Post


After a little gentle nagging from Nicola I have agreed to write another post for this blog. Firstly, Nicola will not be happy as i haven't let her proof read this. And secondly, I have hacked her blog to post it!! You will understand my reasons as you read on.

The idea was for me to write a blog post about the trials and tribulations of fatherhood. To share with you how I am coping with everything after 4 months. I have decided to take a different approach to this. 

Altough i am a very very proud father who spends most days excited by dribbling, farting and smiling, i want to talk about what makes me even prouder.


Nic had never really had much experience around children and was constantly seeking reassurance during pregnancy that she would be a good mother. Like a duck to water certainly springs to mind! Paige is so happy around her mummy, so comfortable and relaxed.

Being a mother seemed like something Nicola was always destined to excell at, and I had no doubts at all when Nicola said she wanted to start a family. I mean we were in love. 'Love' is one of them things that means something different to everybody. To me it's always been the single greatest feeling you experience in the presence of somebody special, 'love' is only comparable to previous times where you may have felt 'love'. Nicola has always given me thatfeeling, I do not doubt we will one day be married. That feeling of 'love' was multiplied tenfold when I first saw Nicola holding Paige, and has continued to grow with every passing day.

Since Paige's arrival I have seen Nicola go from strength to strength. Both Paige and myself are looked after fantastically, Nicola does so much for me as well as Paige I surprised she lets me get away with doing so little around the house. I want to do more, and know I should, but its hard to do things when you have somebody insisting that they do it! 

Nicola has organised a routine that on paper seems both rediculous and impossible, it's honestly tiring just listening to what she does everyday! The stability that Paige has in her daily life is completely down to Nic and i'm sure this is why we have such a happy child.

When Paige looks at Nicola you really get a sense that she idolises her, that Paige feels love for her mummy already and would be lost without her. It's such a great thing to witness, I just hope Nicola can see it too.

Although Nic writes this blog and updates twitter almost every ten minutes, she finds it hard to take compliments and doesn't like listening to (or reading) things that talk her up as she finds it embarassing. She does so much for Paige and I, and I know the reason that she keeps up with this blog is to hopefully help people who have had similar questions/problems/experiences as herself. Nicola is about everyone but Nicola. This is why I have gone behind her back to add this blog. She would never have let me post it!!

The whole point of this is just to let you know that I am so proud of Nicola, she really does make life better for those in her presence. I really couldn't cope without her in my life. Nicola is the most amazing person I have ever met and am honoured that she has chosen to start a family with me.

Thanks for reading, Mark

We both love and adore everything you do. X

4 Months Old

I know I say this at every update I do but I really can't believe Paige is already 4 months old.

This month she has started to look like a proper little person (if that makes sense) she hardly looks anything like her newborn self.

My baby is slowly disappearing :(

This month I feel like so much has happened and she has developed so much. She has started teething which is a nightmare some days. She also tries to sit up, loves standing, started grabbing toys and playing more. She is now properly in 3-6m clothes! She is starting to get interested in our food and watches while we eat. I have also noticed that she has started chewing on her lip and tongue. If you saw my previous post Nearly There you will know that Paige has started to show an interest in rolling over from her back to her belly. She has now manged to figure it out and rolled over a few times. When doing tummy time she also tucks her legs underneath herself as if wanting to crawl. I think she finds it a little frustrating that she cant actually get anywhere but i'm sure it won't be long.

She now weighs a huge 17lb 14oz! She's a big girl! That is just under the 98th percentile for her age. 

Paige now goes to bed at 7:45pm. We start her bedtime routine at around 7pm when we take her upstairs for some playtime, then a bath, story, bottle and bed. She is waking up around 4am but only has around 2oz of milk... I'm thinking she has just got into the habit of waking up and isn't actually waking because she is hungry. She them sleeps until 7ish. If only we cut out that 4am feed! Its quite frustrating for me as she started sleeping 11hours straight just before we moved her into her cot. Maybe she just needs time to get used to it. The past couple of nights she has been kicking her legs so much in her sleep that she wakes herself up. She does this every couple of nights. I have read that it might be her motor skills developing but it is very tiring for both me and Paige.

How was your baby sleeping at 4 months?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Monday, 17 September 2012

Nearly There

Paige is so close to rolling over.

This past week she just started to roll on her side and now actually prefers to fall asleep on her side... Just like her mummy!

She seems kind of stuck like she doesn't quite understand how to push herself that tiny extra bit so she will roll over.

I know she will get there but is there anything I can do to encourage her? Also when did your little one first rollover?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx 

Friday, 14 September 2012

Baby Outfit - Minnie mouse

Some of the sweetest clothes Paige has have to be Minnie Mouse. They are the sweetest clothes and fabulous prices too. She has pjs, dresses and tops.

Her newest addition were actually a present from her nana and grandad. And were from Asda. 

Asda do amazing outfits with Disney animals on and great prices. At only £9 this outfit is cute, practical and very affordable. 

For more adorable character clothes check out Asda.

Does your little one have a specific character they love to wear?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Teething Trouble

Paige started teething around 3 months old. At first it was very manageable with her teething ring and the odd application of teething gel. We had one horrible day full of screaming and tears but every other day was very manageable. 

Now at nearly 4 months old it is getting worse. I have tried teething gel, calpol, teething rings. But nothing seems to be helping. She does get some relief from chewing on her teething ring or fingers but it doesn't last long. Also I'd like to stay away from the calpol and medicine if I can. I'd rather try other things first.

I'm thinking about buying Sophie the giraffe. Has your little one used Sophie and liked it? Does it really help?

What helped your little one? Any natural tricks?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Friday, 7 September 2012

A Year Ago

A year ago today I took a pregnancy test that would change mine and Marks life in an instant. After a long 16months of trying we were finally pregnant and couldn't believe it.

It didn't quite feel real and to be honest even now, a year later, I can't believe that we finally have a beautiful baby. I sit and stare at Paige and it still amazes me that we made her!

The past year has been the most amazing in my life so far and i'm sure they will only continue to get even better. 

I will always remember the second I saw that pregnancy test, the seconds before that me and Mark were sat on the edge of the bed wondering in silence what they test would say, the moment we both ran into the bathroom to check the test.

I feel very lucky, very blessed and very grateful that my dream came true.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Day In The Life - Paige 3 Months

I love watching day in the life videos so thought I would do a blog post instead as i'm not quite brave enough to get in front of the camera yet.

So here is our day in the life. Paige is 3 months old and this is a typical day for us. The particular day was Monday 3rd September.

5:15am - Paige woke up and had a 5oz bottle. 
5:30am - Went back to sleep
7:30am - Paige woke up. Daddy went to work. I jumped in the shower while Paige played on her changing mat in the bathroom.
7:40am - I got dressed, made the bed and put some washing on.
8:00am - I changed Paige's nappy and she had a 4 1/2oz bottle. We then played until 9am.
9.05am - Paige had her morning nap. I try and get her to nap around 1 1/2 - 2 hours after she wakes up. 
9:10am - I had breakfast, chilled out a little and unloaded the washer.
9:45am - Paige woke up, had a 2oz bottle.
10:00am - Paige fell back to sleep so I washed her bottles, made some jelly (daddys request), played with Millie, made a to do list, picked out Paige's outfit for the day .
10:45am - Did a couple of things from my to do list and ignored the huge pile of clean washing that needed putting away!
11:00am - Paige woke up.
11:05am - Changed Paige's nappy and got her dressed.
11:20am - Had 2oz bottle
11:30am - We had play time then she got grumpy 
11:37am - Decided to go for a walk and go to the shop, always calms her down
12:10pm - We got home and played for a little while
12:45pm - I had lunch while Paige played in her door bouncer. After we played again.
13:35pm - Paige had 3 1/2oz bottle then had another nap
13:45pm - Woke up and had another 2oz
14:15pm - Changed Paige's nappy  and tried to get her back to sleep
14:30pm - She wouldn't go back to sleep so we played with Millie. Paige loves watching her jump around
15:15pm - I hoovered up and dusted while Paige sat in her swing chewing on her fingers 
15:35pm - Nap time
15:45pm - I made myself a cup of tea, had a few cheeky cookies and started to watch tv
16:05pm - Paige woke up, another short nap after her long ones this morning. We sang head, shoulders, knees and toes and did the actions (she loves that song!)
16:45pm - I put Paige in her door bouncer again, we played some more and I got things ready for tea
17:30pm - Daddy came home
17:40pm - Paige had 4oz bottle and play time with mummy and daddy
18:00pm - I made tea
18:25pm - We had our tea while Paige chilled out in her swing
18:45pm - Daddy changed Paige's nappy and had some one on one play time
18:55pm - Paige had a 2oz bottle and had a nap. Some time she misses this nap out, just depends. If she does we put her to bed for 20:00/20:30
19:30pm - Paige woke up
20:00pm - 5oz bottle, tummy time
20:30pm - We started the bedtime routine which includes a bath, bottle, story 
21:00pm - Paige was fast asleep. I washed some more bottles, cleaned the kitchen and spent time with daddy and Millie.

Now for some pictures from our day!!

Do you like these kinds of posts?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx
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