Friday, 28 September 2012

Am I A Bad Mum?

I can't help but think that im a bad mum. Let me explain.

4 months old is defiantly the worst age so far for us. Paige seems to be having a really tough time and in turn so am I.

She isn't sleeping properly so neither am I. She is constantly fussy and so unsettled.

I have people constantly telling me how great their baby is. How they are always laughing, giggling and smiling. How they are sleeping 12 hours straight. I don't care!!

Surely I must be doing something wrong!

I really hope this is just a stage as I want my calm, happy baby back. 

I miss her.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx


  1. It is completely normal as they are learning so many new things at this age. At 4/5 months Dylan was waking up every 1/2 hours in the night, but by 7 months he was going through. They all get there eventually and every parent has bad days so don't think you are the only one. Stay relaxed and it will rub off on Paige.
    Hope things get easier soon


  2. I feel like I'm stalking you a bit at the moment by commenting on everything - sorry! I'm not creepy, honest :o)
    At around 4 months, there is a sleep regression as their sleeping pattern changes; it used to be around 30mins, but changes to approx 45mins, so they are likely to wake more often and at different times. Also, they are all individual around sleep and night feeds. Plus, poor Paige must be uncomfortable with her eczema which will bother her…I know when I've had bad eczema in the past I've woken to it stinging and itching.
    You're not a bad mum - you care and you're doing your best! You are just having a bad phase, which feels like forever, but will pass.
    Paige could also be teething, those pesky teeth move around a lot before the pop through and can cause so many problems. We have found that an amber bracelet and Teetha granules (use your finger to put the powder on her tongue rather than pour it in) can help. The granules have a calming effect as well as help with the pain.
    You're not alone in having a bad patch, I promise! (mugofdecaf) x

  3. 4 months is a major development stage, its normal for your baby to have sleep regression. I went through it for 3 weeks, D was naggy because she was having less sleep. I hope the phase passes quickly, hang in there. The fact you are questioning yourself proves you are a good mum xxxx

  4. You are NOT a bad mum. Not at all. Babies are all different, my daughter has never been the greatest sleeper but she is still a great baby, at least in my eyes. Also, always listen to other moms with a grain of salt, sometimes people don't want to be honest but behind their smile is a sleep deprived mum. Kudos to you being brave enough to admit when things aren't perfect. We all have those moments when we question our parenting skills. My baby fell off my bed and I felt awful but she was fine, we all have days like these. Mugs to you!

  5. Aw lovely!

    Firstly you are a great Mummy! Secondly every baby is different and they do go through phases. They are changing all the time and this reflects in them from time to time.

    You are doing everything you can for Paige and I am sure she knows this. Keep smiling lovely, things will get better xxxx

  6. Awww dont ever feel you are a bad Mum. All babies are different and those other mums will also go through difficult spells with their babies at times. My first baby (he is 22 now) was a nightmare for sleeping. We ended up co-sleeping which worked for us. Things do get easier I promise x

  7. They all go through these funny times and finding it frustrating is normal because its bloody hard work and they can't tell you what will help. It can be a growth spurt, developmental changes, teething or just plain fussiness.
    Have you tried popping her into bed with you? I know its not for everyone but whenever my little one(not so little now) has an unsettled night we pop him in with us and just being close with us helps him to sleep and means we get sleep too. We've never had problems getting him back into his cot the next night. xx


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