Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Baby Eczema - Our Story So Far

When Paige was born she had very dry skin, it didn't seem to bother her and cleared up in a few weeks after using oilatum in her baths and applying it to her skin.

Over time her skin started to get worse. We went to the doctors as they suggested we stopped using baby products and started to use epaderm. Again we used that in her baths, as a wash and shampoo and applied it to her 4 times a day.

This worked for a little while but then the eczema came back worse. We went back to doctors who gave her a steriod cream. This worked amazingly well.... For the first week!! As a steriod we could only use it for 7 days at a time. And as soon as we stopped using it the eczema would come back even worse than before. Then it stopped working altogether. Now each time it comes back it seems to be getting worse.

Over the weekend I have noticed Paige itching her face a hell of a lot so Monday I packed her up and off we went back to the doctors. They then told me her eczema was infected and gave us a stronger steriod cream. We also have a cream called Aveeno to use like we use the epaderm. They also gave us some vests for her to sleep in. The idea is to cream her up then put this vest on she she can't rub the cream off. It also has mittens on the end so she can't itch her face.

I have no idea what is causing we eczema to flare up and get worse.

At first we were told to not change washing powder but now they are telling us to try change it. I've looked into ecoballs..... Anyone have any experience of them?

So at the moment we are the epaderm in her baths and to wash her with, we apply aveeno a good 4-6 times a day. We then use the steriod cream on any flare ups she has but can only use it for 7 days at a time. We are applying it twice a day, morning and night.

I am going to change washing powder and see if that helps. I've also heard of putting oats under the tap while we run her bath... Anyone tried this?

All we can do for now is manage her eczema and hope she grows out of it!! At the moment we aren't managing it and it breaks my heart to see Paige in pain and constantly itching. I wish I could help her more.

We still have a few more creams to try and if all fails we will they be referred to the hospital to see a specialist.

If anyone knows of any at home treatments please let me know. I'll try anything!!

After a couple of days of using the new creams it is slowly getting better. She is still wanting to itch her face but the infected area is calmed down and overall the skin feels and looks a lot better.

What is your experience with baby eczema?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Baby eczema is the worst. My youngest has it, its crazy how it seems to just flair up out of no where, I feel so horrible for her. I also have a really good friend who's 6 month old daughter has it really bad. The dr told her to start feeding her organic baby food to see if that helped, so far so good.

    I am so sorry that your poor baby has to deal with this, its horrible.

    XOXO Tiffany

    1. It really is crazy how quickly things develop and change. Thank you for commenting huni xx

  2. I had a real time of it with my son, now 20months old. I tried so many different creams and lotions from the docs and was then recommended Hopes Relief, bought on amazon or health sites and it has worked a treat. All natural ingredients, have a look on internet. Might be worth a thought, with us it was a case of trial and error. Good luck! X

  3. A has eczema - he is allergic to milk and this was the original culprit. Aquaphor is the BEST product we have found for him (I also use the Eucerin cream with oatmeal in it - as this soothes the inflammation). Switching to DOVE bar soap also helped him almost immediately. As he has gotten older - 18 months now- it really only shows up in his crease areas (backs of knees, elbow creases, etc..). It covered about 75% of his body from 1.5-7months.

    1. Awwwww poor little guy! It really is horrible isn't it? I asked if it could be her milk and the doctor didn't seem to think it could be x

  4. This has reminded me of things that I didn't tweet the other day…we got Aveeno Baby for eczema off eBay - absolutely brilliant stuff. I used that on Paige's bad patches and it really helped.
    Aveeno is based on oatmeal, so no need to try oats under the tap if you have their bath oil. If you do want to try, I wrapped a handful in a flannel, then soaked it and squeezed the water through to make the bath water milky. I still do that now if we run out of bath oil!
    My friend is a paediatric nurse and said that in hospital they wet wrap the babies after moisturising - might be worth asking for some? Or I guess you could do your own with bandages (maybe google might have some suggestions!).
    Again I would recommend changing the washing powder. I looked into the balls, but wanted a quicker change - the Simply stuff I could buy in the supermarket and get washing straight away, rather than order the balls online.
    My Paige was the same as yours - antibiotic and steroid creams would make it a little better and then it would get worse again!
    All the best with everything, mugofdecaf x

    1. I asked about the bath oil and they said to first try the cream out and see how we got on with that.
      And the vests we got are for wet wraps. We tried her with it last night but she hated it and didn't sleep well at all. I will try again but as her body isn't as bad as her face i'm not too worried at the moment about wet wrapping her x


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