Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Day In The Life - Paige 3 Months

I love watching day in the life videos so thought I would do a blog post instead as i'm not quite brave enough to get in front of the camera yet.

So here is our day in the life. Paige is 3 months old and this is a typical day for us. The particular day was Monday 3rd September.

5:15am - Paige woke up and had a 5oz bottle. 
5:30am - Went back to sleep
7:30am - Paige woke up. Daddy went to work. I jumped in the shower while Paige played on her changing mat in the bathroom.
7:40am - I got dressed, made the bed and put some washing on.
8:00am - I changed Paige's nappy and she had a 4 1/2oz bottle. We then played until 9am.
9.05am - Paige had her morning nap. I try and get her to nap around 1 1/2 - 2 hours after she wakes up. 
9:10am - I had breakfast, chilled out a little and unloaded the washer.
9:45am - Paige woke up, had a 2oz bottle.
10:00am - Paige fell back to sleep so I washed her bottles, made some jelly (daddys request), played with Millie, made a to do list, picked out Paige's outfit for the day .
10:45am - Did a couple of things from my to do list and ignored the huge pile of clean washing that needed putting away!
11:00am - Paige woke up.
11:05am - Changed Paige's nappy and got her dressed.
11:20am - Had 2oz bottle
11:30am - We had play time then she got grumpy 
11:37am - Decided to go for a walk and go to the shop, always calms her down
12:10pm - We got home and played for a little while
12:45pm - I had lunch while Paige played in her door bouncer. After we played again.
13:35pm - Paige had 3 1/2oz bottle then had another nap
13:45pm - Woke up and had another 2oz
14:15pm - Changed Paige's nappy  and tried to get her back to sleep
14:30pm - She wouldn't go back to sleep so we played with Millie. Paige loves watching her jump around
15:15pm - I hoovered up and dusted while Paige sat in her swing chewing on her fingers 
15:35pm - Nap time
15:45pm - I made myself a cup of tea, had a few cheeky cookies and started to watch tv
16:05pm - Paige woke up, another short nap after her long ones this morning. We sang head, shoulders, knees and toes and did the actions (she loves that song!)
16:45pm - I put Paige in her door bouncer again, we played some more and I got things ready for tea
17:30pm - Daddy came home
17:40pm - Paige had 4oz bottle and play time with mummy and daddy
18:00pm - I made tea
18:25pm - We had our tea while Paige chilled out in her swing
18:45pm - Daddy changed Paige's nappy and had some one on one play time
18:55pm - Paige had a 2oz bottle and had a nap. Some time she misses this nap out, just depends. If she does we put her to bed for 20:00/20:30
19:30pm - Paige woke up
20:00pm - 5oz bottle, tummy time
20:30pm - We started the bedtime routine which includes a bath, bottle, story 
21:00pm - Paige was fast asleep. I washed some more bottles, cleaned the kitchen and spent time with daddy and Millie.

Now for some pictures from our day!!

Do you like these kinds of posts?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. This is such a lovely post, it reminds me of when Evie was small and the things we used to do together. It's so nice to hear about other people's day time routines and how they enjoy spending time with their family. The photos were beautiful too and will be so lovely for you to look back on when Paige is older

    Katie xxx

    1. Thank you. I really loved writing it and I know it will be lovely to look back on when she is older. Also gives me a better idea of how she is changing Xx


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