Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Daddy Post


After a little gentle nagging from Nicola I have agreed to write another post for this blog. Firstly, Nicola will not be happy as i haven't let her proof read this. And secondly, I have hacked her blog to post it!! You will understand my reasons as you read on.

The idea was for me to write a blog post about the trials and tribulations of fatherhood. To share with you how I am coping with everything after 4 months. I have decided to take a different approach to this. 

Altough i am a very very proud father who spends most days excited by dribbling, farting and smiling, i want to talk about what makes me even prouder.


Nic had never really had much experience around children and was constantly seeking reassurance during pregnancy that she would be a good mother. Like a duck to water certainly springs to mind! Paige is so happy around her mummy, so comfortable and relaxed.

Being a mother seemed like something Nicola was always destined to excell at, and I had no doubts at all when Nicola said she wanted to start a family. I mean we were in love. 'Love' is one of them things that means something different to everybody. To me it's always been the single greatest feeling you experience in the presence of somebody special, 'love' is only comparable to previous times where you may have felt 'love'. Nicola has always given me thatfeeling, I do not doubt we will one day be married. That feeling of 'love' was multiplied tenfold when I first saw Nicola holding Paige, and has continued to grow with every passing day.

Since Paige's arrival I have seen Nicola go from strength to strength. Both Paige and myself are looked after fantastically, Nicola does so much for me as well as Paige I surprised she lets me get away with doing so little around the house. I want to do more, and know I should, but its hard to do things when you have somebody insisting that they do it! 

Nicola has organised a routine that on paper seems both rediculous and impossible, it's honestly tiring just listening to what she does everyday! The stability that Paige has in her daily life is completely down to Nic and i'm sure this is why we have such a happy child.

When Paige looks at Nicola you really get a sense that she idolises her, that Paige feels love for her mummy already and would be lost without her. It's such a great thing to witness, I just hope Nicola can see it too.

Although Nic writes this blog and updates twitter almost every ten minutes, she finds it hard to take compliments and doesn't like listening to (or reading) things that talk her up as she finds it embarassing. She does so much for Paige and I, and I know the reason that she keeps up with this blog is to hopefully help people who have had similar questions/problems/experiences as herself. Nicola is about everyone but Nicola. This is why I have gone behind her back to add this blog. She would never have let me post it!!

The whole point of this is just to let you know that I am so proud of Nicola, she really does make life better for those in her presence. I really couldn't cope without her in my life. Nicola is the most amazing person I have ever met and am honoured that she has chosen to start a family with me.

Thanks for reading, Mark

We both love and adore everything you do. X


  1. Awww, this is such a wonderful post! It is so beautifully written and has clearly come from the heart. Paige is a very lucky baby girl to have two parents that love her so much!

    Katie xx

    1. Thank you. It is such a lovely post. I cry everytime i read it xx

  2. Just beautiful.
    It is so lovely to see how love you are nic. I couldnt imagine Luke ever writing anything like this. Your a very lucky Girly :-) xx

  3. Mark, this is the most lovely thing you have done!! Really had me in tears. Those words will mean so much to Nicola. You make it clear how lucky you and Paige are to have her, but I think she's pretty lucky to have you! Hubby is planning on writing a guest post for me soon but couldn't expect anything as lovely and heartfelt as this! Xx

    1. It had me in tears too :) I am very lucky! Thank you for commenting huni xx


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