Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Teething Trouble

Paige started teething around 3 months old. At first it was very manageable with her teething ring and the odd application of teething gel. We had one horrible day full of screaming and tears but every other day was very manageable. 

Now at nearly 4 months old it is getting worse. I have tried teething gel, calpol, teething rings. But nothing seems to be helping. She does get some relief from chewing on her teething ring or fingers but it doesn't last long. Also I'd like to stay away from the calpol and medicine if I can. I'd rather try other things first.

I'm thinking about buying Sophie the giraffe. Has your little one used Sophie and liked it? Does it really help?

What helped your little one? Any natural tricks?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Awww teething can really suck.
    When you start weaning her try frozen carrot sticks for her to knaw on, they can be really soothing for them. Also you can buy these food nets to pop frozen/cold fruit in for them to chew on.
    Ashton and Parsons is meant to be very good. x

    1. Thanks hun. I have heard about the carrot trick and will be trying it when we start to wean her :) I have also seen them food nets and will be buying one!! Xx

  2. Our Little Miss just got her first tooth at 4 months. I feel like I have been nursing her more often to ease the pain. She has taken a liking to massages not sure if that is correlated. She likes to suck on cold (not frozen) carrots. We have a Sophie, but our little one is still learning to hold her.

    You are going great mama!
    Come by and visit Hurley Love

    1. I got Sophie and Paige loves chewing on her so that is helping a little bit :) Xx

  3. you tried teething powder? i use that and gel and so far it works x

    1. I got some Nelsons teething granules I think they are called. Only used a couple so far and it seemed to do the trick. The gel doesn't really work for Paige Xx


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