Saturday, 6 October 2012

Baby Eczema - Update 5/10/12

Today i took Paige back to the doctors. I wasn't happy with the creams we had previously been given. They cleared up the infected section on her face and started to work everywhere else just as our 7 days came to an end and we had to stop using them.

We have now changed our washing powder. I know that it can take a while before we see a difference if it is that which is causing her eczema because soap residue sits in clothes for quite a while. But we have taken the first step.

The doctor gave us some more steroid creams. I really don't want to use these on Paige but we have to as the other creams just don't manage her eczema enough on their own. We have one for her face and a stronger one for her body as the eczema is now mostly on her body. Her face does still flare up quite badly though.

I also asked about the Aveeno bath oil and the doctor said we could try it. He basically said that the creams and oils are all trial and error until we find one that works and while doing that we have to try eliminate as many possible causes as we can. 

First was the washing powder, we now use a hypoallergenic one, next is Paige's formula. She has been on SMA Gold since birth but now we have switched to Cow and Gate. Just to see if it helps. The doctor thinks it could. If it doesn't help or makes the eczema worse we will just switch back to the SMA.

Right now I am hoping the extra creams, the change of washing powder and formula work. If not it will be back to the drawing board.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Hope her eczema goes soon and you find the cause to it!xxxx

  2. Both of my kids have eczema...not horribly, but my son especially if I forget have him lotion up after a bath or shower. (He's 8 now, so he doesn't want mommy helping him). He gets it mostly on his legs, in the folds of the backs of his knees & around his thighs. I found that just regular hydrocortizone cream works best. We lotion up like every day really well & at night if he has any little "spots" we slather on hydrocortizone there until it clears up (usually 3 days maybe?) This stuff works great. We tried some prescription creams when he was a baby & all kinds of lotions, creams, cleansers, laundry detergent, etc.

  3. I hope you start to see a change lovely, horrid seeing them uncomfortable. big hugs x


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