Thursday, 4 October 2012

George, Asda - Baby Haul

Daddy has been shopping once again!! This time at George, Asda.

He just can't resist the sweet little baby clothes at great prices.

My favourite thing he got are these trousers. They are just too cute!! They have the cutest details. They have a cute glitter button, which is a popper so easy to fasten on a wriggling baby. They also have heart detail on the back pockets. The most amazing thing is that they were only £5!! They look 100 times better in real life than on the picture on the website HERE

He also got 2 t shirts, a Minnie Mouse top, some jogging bottoms and a jumper dress with matching tights. Altogether he spent £25.50, which for 6 pieces of clothing isn't bad at all!

Do you shop at George?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Those pink pants are adoooorable! LOVE them!

  2. Cute! Asda is dangerous! I nearly brought loads for boys when doing good shop!!xx


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