Tuesday, 2 October 2012

REVIEW - Bright Starts Biscotti Baby Swing

Something that I loved when Paige was a newborn was our swing. We have the Bright Starts Biscotti baby swing. Available to buy HERE

It has 6 swing speeds and a timer with 3 settings.
Music at two different volumes
Lasts until the child weighs around 11.3 kilograms
Also has a removable toy bar with a giraffe and a lion
Has a 5 point safety harness
Head support for newborns
Washable (very important with a newborn)

We bought a swing after I saw on many websites about useful products to have for a newborn. We decided on this swing because it was very neutral. We wanted to be able to reuse the swing of we had another baby and it was a boy. As it isn't the cheapest product we wanted something we could use again.

During the first couple of months Paige loved her swing. She would nap in it, look round and be nosy. Plus we knew it was a safe place to pop her down for a minute while ate our dinner or made a cup of tea :) The music calmed her down and the rocking defiantly helped when it was nap time. 

Millie would often walk on over and peer into the swing just to check that Paige was ok!

Now at nearly 5 months she doesn't really use it a whole lot as she prefers her jumperoo but she is still calmed by the music which is great!! She does however now love looking and grabbing the toys. She still sits in it when we are eating and on occasion will sit and watch a little tv. We also still place her in the swing to play as we know she is nice and safe.

I don't think she will use the swing for much longer as she wants to be up and about but we have loved it all the same. Plus she may outgrow it quicker than most babies as she is huge! 

We will defiantly keep it for any future babies and I am so glad we got it.

I think baby swings are a fantastic buy for any new parents to be. 

Did you have a swing for your baby?

Any questions just let me know :)

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

P.S I can't believe how much my baby has grown!!


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  2. This review is very informative. Every man get clear idea about this.

  3. Lovely swing. Congratulations on baby coming your way. One of our friends has this and loves it. Hope you do too!

  4. Enjoying nap in swing, ahaa cute. :)

  5. the swing are really amazing and this is the informative review. it's very helpful who want to buy a swing for baby.


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