Wednesday, 24 October 2012

REVIEW - Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

I played around with the idea of getting Paige a jumperoo for a while. They are quite expensive and I didn't want it to go to waste. 

First we got given a door bouncer. Paige loved it. She has always loved been stood up and the door bouncer gives her the feeling of standing up but without us having to hold her.

As she loved the door bouncer so much I gave in and decided to get her a jumperoo.

I decide on the fisher price rain forest jumperoo as it had fantastic reviews and just looked like fun from a great brand!! Another reason.... It was down in price! RRP is £109.99 (Mothercare) but Argos had it on sale for £79.99. I just couldn't pass it up!! They still have it on offer at £89.97 which is still a great saving. Check it out HERE

Me and a friend picked it up and brought it home. My friend has a little boy born on the exact same day as Paige so was very excited to see what her little boy would make of the jumperoo as well.

I put it together in around 10/15minutes. In between looking after babies, drinking tea and chatting :)

After reading reviews on this jumperoo I was expecting it to be huge but to my surprise it was smaller than I imagined which is good as our living room isn't huge! But it is alot bigger than her swing or anything else we have. 

So let's have a little information about the product before I tell you what we think.
The jumperoo has a 360 degree spinning seat
It features an elephant, monkey, lizard and lots more animals
It has 3 height positions so grows with your baby
It also has music and lights.

Now for the good part....


I am so glad we got this jumperoo. Paige loves it and has since the moment we first put her in.

She has learnt how to jump properly and is now learning that she can also turn herself around in the jumperoo to play with the different toys. Each toy keeps her entertained and she loves the music and lights. She now loves to reach up and grab the hanging parrot and frog which she finds very funny and also help strengthen her neck muscles. Paige also loves to spin the lizard and the sun.

I love the two different sound volumes! We use the quieter one in a morning :) I love the bright colours and the fact the jumperoo is very sturdy. 

Overall I am so happy we got this jumperoo and have recommended it to many people who have gone and got a jumperoo for their baby. 

Does your little one have a jumperoo? What do you think?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

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  1. Best invention ever we too bought it on sale at Argos few months ago. I Love it!!! X


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