Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Review - Nappies2Go

When I was pregnant I thought long and hard about nappies and what we wanted to do. I know that lots of people choose to use cloth nappies because of the cost and environmental side of things. But after many discussions me and mark decided that it wasn't the ideal thing for us to do. We loved the practical side of disposable nappies.

So when Nappies2Go got in touch with me I was very curious as to what it was all about. Can you really use disposable nappies without having the guilt that you are filling up landfills?

Well now you can!

Nappies2Go offer a recycling service for disposable nappies. As gross as it sounds it really isn't that bad, I promise. Collections can happen either every 2 weeks or monthly. And prices start from just £2 a week.

So what exactly do Nappies2Go do?
They offer a recycling and supply service. Recycling used nappies and turning them into recycled plastics. They also supply new Pampers nappies and wipes in bulk. This is a very useful service if like us you don't have a car. The nappies and wipes get delivered straight to your door. To find out more check out the Nappies2Go website HERE

What you have to do?
All you have to do is select a convenient date for the delivery, bag up all used nappies, wipes, cotton wool etc in your normal nappy bags, pop them into the tiger bags provided and leave them on the edge of your property on the collection date to be picked up.

It really is that simple.

What I thought?
I loved the idea of having all Paige's used nappies recycled. This is helping the environment and helping reduce our waste. Anyone that uses disposable nappies will tell you just how much room they take up in your bin. 
The service was very easy to use. We put Paige's used nappies in our nappy bin as normal. When it got full we took the whole bag out and instead of putting it in our normal bin we put it in one of the tiger bags Nappies2Go provides you with. On the collection date we put the tiger bags at the edge of our property and they were collected by a man. He then put more tiger bags through our door. We never had any problems with the nappies not been collected and everything ran very smoothly. Our collection day did have to be changed but Nappies2Go were very good in letting us know with plenty of time and even provide a calendar with the dates of collections on.
I think this is such a good idea and I am a little annoyed I didn't think of the idea :)

My tips
If you are thinking about using the recycling service I would defiantly suggest getting a nappy bin for inside if you haven't already... nappies do get quite smelly. I would also recommend getting a bin for outside to put the tiger bags in especially if you opt for the monthly collections. Both bins are available on the Nappies2Go website.

Where to find Nappies2Go
Website HERE
Twitter @Nappies2go HERE
Facebook HERE

Great idea, fab service 10/10!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx 

*Disclaimer* I was given a two month trail by Nappies2Go to try out the service but all opinions are my own.


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