Friday, 9 November 2012

Bullied At 5 Months Old

The past few Saturdays me and Mark have been taking Paige to our local play gym. We are very lucky in the fact that it is around a 3 min walk away!! :)

While we were there last weekend we took Paige into the ball pit. She loves picking the balls up as well as looking at all the bright colours. Then this little girl came over. She was walking but couldn't talk very well. She sat in the ball pit with Paige and at first played nicely. Paige was so fascinated with her. It was so cute.

The next minute the little girl started throwing balls at Paige. I wouldn't of minded and would of thought she was just trying to play but she was launching them. One hit her in the face, narrowly missed me and mark as she started throwing them at us too. The little girls dad was close by and saw everything. He strolled over with his phone in his hand and casually said that the little girl had a baby sister and wasn't very good at playing nice. Surely her parents would tell her that she has to be careful with little babies... especially as she had a baby sister!!

The little girl carried on throwing balls at Paige. Her dad barely batted an eyelid as she carried on. 

Needless to say me and Mark took Paige out of the ball pool. We went on the bouncy castle instead.

Have you and your little one had experience with not very nice children and their parents?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Oh wow thats not nice at all!!! Does the other dad not have any shame?! That's so rude and bad parenting. Hope Paige was okay.


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