Friday, 2 November 2012

Make A Pledge - Medela

We all want the best for our babies. It's only natural.

When I was pregnant I used to talk to my bump and promise different things. Whether to always love her and make her laugh to teaching her how to bake. I'm sure you do/have done that same thing. 

Medela have launched a campaign that is such a sweet idea I had to share with you. Make a pledge to the special child in the life. Receive a certificate to save forever and always remember your pledge.

Check out the sweet video!!

All you have to do is think of a pledge you want to make, visit, fill out your pledge and receive your printable certificate. You also receive a 20% discount code!!

I have so many things I want to pledge to Paige...
To always be there for her,
To take her to Disney Land,
To make her laugh,
To teach her everything I know.

But here is my final pledge...

Dear Paige Ellen,
I pledge to wipe away your tears, kiss away your pain and do everything in my power to make your dreams come true.
Lots of Love,
Mummy Xx 

This is my pledge. What is yours?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


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