Monday, 5 November 2012

Remember, Remember The 5th Of November

On Saturday night we took Paige to her first bonfire and fireworks display. It was just our local one... Literally a 5 minute walk up the road but it still quite big :)

We got there about 6pm just in time for the children's firework display. Paige loved every second! She loved looking at the colours and all the people.

Daddy and Paige looking at the bonfire

The lighting of the bonfire was next. Then Paige started to get a little grumpy as she was tired. She never naps on weekends!! It is very annoying. So we decided we would walk home so I could put my wellies on as my boots were getting muddy. By the time we got home Paige was asleep.

We then went back to see the big firework display. This woke Paige up but again she just cuddled up to her daddy and watched all the fireworks. I also won a giant balloon on hook a duck!! (How cool am i?)

I know she didn't really understand what was going on but I'll always remember her first bonfire and fireworks even if she doesn't!!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


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