Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Paige is around the age when you start to wean. And to wean there are a few essential things you need. Spoons, plates, sippy cup etc.

So when OXO Tot got in touch asking if we wanted to review some of their products we couldn't wait!

Firstly, I have to mention the design of the products. We have the raspberry colour and I love them. The bowls and plates also have a thick rubber material on the bottom so that when they are placed on a high chair for example they are quite hard to knock off, which I love. The bowls and plates are also a lovely weight. They feel such good quality and you feel confident that if you drop them they won't break. I have dropped them, and they survived! I wouldn't suggest throwing them about though. lol!

I also love the packaging! Now before you think I'm some strange person let me explain. Have you ever tried to open that vacuumed pack packaging and either cut yourself or had to find some scissors? I know I have. Well most of the OXO Tot packaging has little tabs on the back that you pull and the product comes right out!! Love, love, love!!

The bowls
In the bowl set there are two different sizes. Both have lids which is super practical. This means I can put whatever Paige is having in the bowl pop the lid on and while I'm putting her in her chair Millie can't eat Paige's food because the lid is on. I also can't spill the food all over the floor... I'm very clumsy. 


The spoons set
With the spoon set you get two. I think the shape to these spoons is amazing. Much better than the tommee tippee ones we have. The tip is more angled so the food stays on the end and it is also easier to get the food into Paige's mouth! They also feel really nice to hold. Mark is a big fan of these spoons!

Sippy cup set
The sippy cup set
We haven't used the sippy cup too much as yet. But Paige has had a little go. She grabs the handles easily and at the moment loves throwing it on the floor for mummy to pick up. The water doesn't spill out thanks to the valve in the top which is nice for me, saves on the clean up. It also comes with a separate lid so it turns into a training cup. It's like 2 products for the price of one!! The ultimate sippy cup that grows with your child.

The plate
The first thing I loved about the plate was the side, which is removable! The side has a curved edge making it harder for food to be pushed off the plate. I love that it comes apart so is very easy to clean.

Trying to feed herself!
Trying out the sippy cup
We also got provided with a snack pot but haven't used this yet. But it is in the cupboard ready and waiting for when she is a little older and I can put some snacks in there for when we are out and about. I was also looking through a copy of baby and mother mag and the snack cup was actually a recommended product!!

All in all we love the OXO Tot products and are highly recommended by us. They also have a good price point! All the products are also available in green and aqua too.

I am looking forward to using the sippy cup and snack pot more. I will let you know how we get on. We are also looking at buying more of the products including the divided plate. I am also eyeing up the gorgeous sprout high chair... can you believe that Paige doesn't have a high chair?! Ohhhhh Mark!!!!! :)

Have you tried any OXO Tot products? I'd love to know what you think.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

*Disclaimer* We were sent these products by OXO Tot to try out but all views and opinions are my own.


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