Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Do you believe in routines for babies? Does your little one have a routine?

Up until now at nearly 6 months old Paige hasn't been in a routine. At least not a parent led routine. Our days are pretty similar in the fact that she naps around 2/3 hours after she wakes up. Her naps vary in length but she normally has at least one 2 hours during the day. She feeds on demand but normally has a similar amount each day. She has been having breakfast around 8am everyday which I like.

But now she is coming up to 6 months old I want to start getting her on more of a routine and want to have set meal times for when we introduce more meals and set nap times.

Any tips? Did you put your baby in a routine or just follow their lead?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx


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