Monday, 12 November 2012

Weaning - Do We Need Follow On Milk

As Paige quickly approaches 6 months old we were starting to notice follow on milk in shops and supermarket. Been a first time mum I always thought that you had to change over when the baby turned 6 months old. 

After a little research and a lot of lovely people on twitter helping me out I now know otherwise.

One of the main difference I have read about is that follow on milk contains more iron than stage 1 milk. This is because at around 6 months baby iron stores start to drop. With this in mind you might panic when I say that we aren't going to give Paige follow on milk. The reason behind this. If you wean you baby onto food and give them a balanced and varied diet they will be getting all the iron they need from the food you are giving them so have no need for the extra iron in the milk.

With Paige's eczema the change we made from SMA Gold to Cow and Gate seemed to have helped her a lot so I don't want to go changing her milk again just to upset her eczema. 

What do you think about follow on milk? I'd love to know your opinion.

Thank for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. I got advised against it and kept with stage one until around 8 months... then I got to the point where I had so many money-off vouchers and baby event leaflets about the discounts on the next stage milk that I caved! And it is saving me a fortune. And still is. I'm glad I did it a bit later though as she's only having 2 large bottles a day now rather than the 4/5 she was having when I first started weaning. I think it's juts your presaonl choice really xx

    1. That sounds like a good thing and defiantly makes sense to save a little money. xx

  2. I used follow on milk for my 1st born ,as a first time mum i did everything by the book and thought this was what i was supposed to do! I found it awful it made him constipated, grounchy and he started waking in the night again. Ive gone on to have another 3 children since then and ive never used it since. They have all been on cow and gate stage one until their 1st birthday and switched to whole milk then.

    1. Thats very intesting... I was quite scared been a first time mum i just thought you had to change. Now i too know different :) x


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