Friday, 30 November 2012

Which Wipes

Which wipes do you use for your little ones?

We have tried Pampers, Huggies, Co op, Johnson's, Tesco and Sainsbury's. Our favourite is Tesco!

I always prefer the unscented versions of wipes. Just a personal preference but I don't see the point in adding extra products in the wipes just to make them smell a little nicer.

When Paige was first born we used cotton wool and and warm water for the 2 weeks on the advice of the midwives in the hospital. By the end of the first week we couldn't wait until the 2 weeks were up so we could have the convenience of using wet wipes.

We used pampers for a little while but because you go through so many we wanted to try something different and cheaper. Pampers were ok. They did the job but we did find them quite expensive.

Huggies Pure
They are meant to be as kind as using water and cotton wool and they very well might be but I found that they break really easily because they are so thin. Very annoying when your changing a dirty nappy.

Co op
We were willing to try anything! The price was good but the wipes were dry, small and kind of rough! Hate them!

Good wipes. I prefer the sensitive ones. Would be great if they had the same plastic lid as Tesco's wipes. Often on offer.

Love love love! We decided to try Tesco wipes as they had won so many awards and I had heard some good things. These are a very close first place with sainsburys in second and I'll explain why later. But they are amazing. I also love the little plastic lid on them that keeps the wipes fresher and wetter. They normally have a fab deal on them too... 3 packs for £2.70!!

These are also fab and are a close favourite. Love the wipes. Do the job. Feel a little small but manageable. Would love them even more if they had the plastic lid like Tesco's

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Im currently using the huggies atm I HATE them i cant even pull them out the pack without them ripping. We have just bought the pack of 6 wipes from nappies.
    When Thomas was born we had over 20 pack of baby wipes and now they are down to 6 packs and I panic haha

    1. Over 20? Wow!! Yeah, huggies are horrible!! xx

  2. We use pampers & Johnsons mainly when on offer but Morrisons are just as good. Water wipes h20 are good too xx

    1. Haven't tried any of them, might have to now. Thanks huni xx

  3. We use Aldi's only 97p per pack - they have a click down lid so my daughter can pull them all out and have be awarded silver by mother and baby :) x


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