Thursday, 20 December 2012

Baby Sign Language

When I was pregnant I decided that when Paige was old enough I wanted to try out baby sign language just to see if she would take to it.

Well the amazing news is that she has taken too it like a duck to water.

I decided the first sign I would teach her would be milk. I started signing to Paige when she had her bottle. I didn't sign it to her every time she had a bottle like maybe you're meant to but she picked up on it and sure enough she signs it now when she wants milk. 

At first it didn't click and I thought she was just playing with her hand but then something clicked when she started fussing like she was hungry. I remembered the sign and couldn't believe that she was signing to me asking for milk. How amazing that a 6 month old can communicate to their mum that they want milk!! Children are amazing!!

I am going to carry on properly and teach her a few more signs.

I'm hoping to teach her mummy, daddy, cat and more. These are part of the top 10 basic baby sign language signs are they are strongly driven with what the baby wants.

Have you tried baby sign language?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. After I saw your tweets about this I looked it up on youtube and its so good that Paige has picked it up already x


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