Monday, 10 December 2012

Getting Ready For Christmas

Each year I look forward to putting the tree up and seem to do it earlier each year. This year it was December 1st. I know loads of people that put their decorations up in November... did you?

We normally have a lovely 6ft Christmas tree but this year we only have a 5ft :( that is because last year Millie decided to destroy the tree so we didn't fancy paying a lot of money on a fancy tree just for Millie to destroy it again. So far so good! It has only been up a few days so far though.

But here it is...

I always decorate the tree but i'm hoping that next year Paige will want to help mummy. This year she loves looking at the lights. 

Yes we have pink furry balls on our Christmas and a shoe!!

We also have come cute name baubles and just had to get Paige one this year to match her mummy and daddy.

And we have some cute me to you bear decorations too! 

We also have a few decorations around and of course advent calenders :)

Next year we want to go all out on lights and decorations and I will have my big tree back!!!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx


  1. We put our tree up on 1st December - last year my daughter was 7 months old and didnt really notice - this year she is pulling the baubles off, messing with tinsel, grabbing the lights - argh! Nightmare! Your tree looks very pretty btw :) x

    1. Thank you. Paige is 7 months old this year... nice to know what next year would be like, hehe. x

  2. Loving the special decorations! Especially the shoe one!

    1. Thanks sweetie. I had to add a girly touch to the tree :) x


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