Monday, 3 December 2012

Paige HATES her Jumperoo

So the title pretty much says it all but Paige now hates her Jumperoo.

If you saw my review post HERE you will know that Paige loved her Jumperoo. It was by far the best thing we have purchased since having Paige but for some reason she now hates it.

She is on the last height setting now and seems to love to bounce still but 99% of the time she screams when we put her in it. I don't know why. 

She has always loved standing up and now loves nothing more than walking around the room holding on to your hands. In fact she gotten very good and now actually runs across the floor!! And with her also trying so hard to crawl and rolling all over I think she hates her Jumperoo because she can't move in it. She isn't free to go where she wants to go.

She actually prefers to sit in her baby snug now as she can lean and reach for things a lot easier than in her Jumperoo.

No matter what it was still a great buy and when she outgrows it (it won't be long) we will be packing it up for if we have another baby.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


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