Thursday, 27 December 2012

Paige's First Christmas

We decide to be selfish this year and stayed at home, just us three and Millie. Is that allowed? We wanted Paige's first Christmas to be just us at home enjoying lots of family time. Mark has 12 days off work so we are loving every second at the moment.

Our day started early at 5am due to a poorly baby. Our next major event of the day happened at 5:20am when Paige was sick all over me. Thank you sweetie :) Apart from that the day went well. Paige was in a good mood but wasn't really in a playing mood as she was ill. We opened presents, ate yummy food and just spent time together. It was perfect.

Paige got so many toys and clothes. I think we now need to move just to make room for everything. I know she wouldn't of really understood what was going on but I'm sure she loved every second.  

Boxing day was also lovely, again just the three of us. Paige felt much better and had a wonderful day playing with all her new toys.



We had the most wonderful time and will always remember this special first Christmas together. I'm already thinking about next year too!!

How was your Christmas?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx


  1. Aww this is so lovely! Expecting and having a baby really puts the excitement back into Christmas. Noah will only be a few weeks old this Christmas but I am already so excited. I won't be working either which is a first! I think Christmas will only get better and better as our babies get older :) xx


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