Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Stranger Anxiety

Paige has defiantly developed stranger anxiety.

Stranger anxiety normally happens between the ages of  6-12 months. It is very common and the child can become very shy or cry around strange people of even people they just haven't seen for a while.

We first noticed when mark took Paige to a local shop to get some hair clips. The young girl that works there is super lovely and Paige has always given her a smile. This time she looked at her and screamed.

Thinking not much of it my mum and her partner came to visit. Now Paige hadn't seem them for nearly a couple of months. And sure enough when she saw them she didn't remember them and screamed until I was holding her. Even then it still took her a while to come round to the idea of being close to them and having a cuddle.

Paige as her normal smiley self :)
My friend came to visit and she comes around every two weeks or so. I thought it was be quite interesting to see how Paige reacted too her and if she would remember. She did and was smiling and giggling in no time!!

Have you deal with stranger anxiety with your baby? We found that toys helped Paige. I think they kind of took her mind off the fact newish people were around as she had familiar toys with her. What also helped was me staying calm and holding her close. 

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx


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