Monday, 28 January 2013

Review - Vital Baby

Unbelievabowl Set
They say that we are quick to judge and first impressions mean a lot so Vital Baby defiantly have a good thing going with their packaging as I love it. When trying to get the bowl out of the packaging though I must admit I found it a little hard. I'm not sure if it's just me or if the packaging is hard to open.

When using the bowl I was very impressed. On many occasions Paige has tipped her food out of her bowl if I have accidentally left it on her high chair tray but with the unbelievabowl she can't do that. The bottom parts suctions onto the Highchair and the bowl fits on top. A bowl that can't be knocked off a surface and can't spill :) The suction does work very well but you have to make sure that it is suctioned onto surface as Paige has lifted the bowl clean off her highchair when not suctioned on properly.

Three different colours are available and at £4.99 for the set and then £3.99 for additional bowls in sets of two, they get a big thumbs up from us.

Soft Tip Weaning spoons
On first impressions these spoons looked great. Paige loved eating from them as the tip is large so she can get a good lot of food at once :) the tip is also soft and flexible to protect little gums. As a parent using the spoons I have to say that I love the feel of the spoons but wish the handles were a little longer. I don't have the biggest hands and I found them quite awkward to hold and feed Paige. I asked mark to have a little go at the weekend and he found the same thing. Comparing them too our other spoons they are a lot smaller. They would be great for travelling and popping in the changing bag though. You also get five in a set which is fab!

Comparing them to our other spoons.

They too come in the three different colours and for a pack of five are £3.49.

Have you tried Vital Baby?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx

*Disclaimer* I was provided with a set of spoons and a unbelievabowl set for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own


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